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Weaving with Cardboard

May 23, 2018

Ok, not really with cardboard but on cardboard. I’ll explain.

I bought a house last summer, and I’ve been trying to be careful about not filling it with stuff we don’t need and attempting to decorate a little. But I’d also like to do as much of it myself as I can, because just like buying clothes, if I see something I like in a store that I could make I have a hard time justifying buying it (and home decor stuff is usually really expensive for what it is). Long story short, I wanted to find a basket to cover an ugly plastic house plant pot. Couldn’t find a basket in the right size easily so started thinking about how to make something stylish. Solution: weaving.

My mom used to do a lot of crafty things like this at home with my sisters and I. Painting, polymer clay sculptures, tie dye, weaving, etc. And we would make our own looms out of cardboard. So I measured the width I wanted and cut a ton of little tabs along the edges of a piece of cardboard.

I can’t totally remember but I think with a loom like this you’re supposed to wrap the warp threads (up and down) all the way around the back, so then when you go to remove the fabric you have nice long strings to tie in knots. I was using what I had on hand though and ran out of string so I had to do some creative stringing. My cat, Potato, of course loved all of this.

I did a few inches of weaving and realized I did a few things wrong:

  1. the warp threads were too tight
  2. I couldn’t find a comb to force the weft yarn down as much as I wanted
  3. And even though I wasn’t pulling hard at all, I still ended up with a narrower width at one end. I think because the solid cardboard back of the loom makes it hard to adjust.

It still looks nice and I’m glad I tried, but I’m going to try something else for now to make a basket thingy. I’m probably going to end up with way more baskets of different kinds than I actually need. I would like to return to weaving though, maybe with something that more closely resembles a loom instead of cardboard.

Also, fair warning, I’m on a crafting/quilting binge right now and won’t have any more clothing posts for a while.


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  1. May 23, 2018 7:06 am

    Remember when you made little Navajo rugs? I still have mine in the Library!

  2. Bia permalink
    May 23, 2018 7:11 am

    Maybe an unfinished picture frame with little nails on both ends for the warp?

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