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McCall’s 6996 Experiments in Cardigans

April 7, 2018

I wear a lot of cardigans and jackets, they’re necessary layers in a cold office environment. I’ve not been overly successful sewing cardigans. I think because the weight and stability of a fabric is crucial when choosing a pattern. Like my last cardigan, I think my fabric is too light, but it also might have stretched out I can’t tell.

Pattern: M6996, view C

Fabric: Wool knit from SR Harris that is surprisingly soft and easy to wash, I just throw it in a mesh bag in the machine on the gentle cycle and it’s fine. It’s so clingy though, it’s not static and it’s not snagging (thank g-d) but it catches on itself and my fingers all the time almost like hook-and-loop. I’m amazed it hasn’t snagged yet.

It’s a constant battle to straighten this fabric

Normally I would steer clear of something like wool knit because it just sounds like it would be hard to care for, but this stuff is so soft and light I couldn’t resist trying. I do think it stretched out either as I was cutting or sewing or both because the bottom center fronts are not the same length anymore.

Design Likes/Dislikes: I really like the neck band that finishes the front, the gathers are even a really nice touch. I do not like how wide the sleeves are and that the sleeve and hem are just turned up a couple times and stitched. The body of the cardigan seems to flare out at the hips more than I was expecting also.

Sizing and Fit: I did sew a size M (out of XS-S-M) and in hindsight that was a poor choice because of how thin the fabric is. If I had a sweater knit I think that would have worked out, but this is more like a jersey or tissue knit. Also my weight changes seem to have stopped and don’t include my arms so I definitely needed the small size for sleeves. I’ll probably just buy the pattern again so I can have both sizes ready for whatever fabric.

Changes: I don’t think I made any changes really besides order of construction. Once again I should have taken more time when hemming a knit fabric.

For Next Time: Smaller size and make the sleeve narrower.


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  1. April 16, 2018 8:35 am

    This is a great pattern, and universally flattering. It looks good! I can see more in your future….. 🙂

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