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A Wreath, A Painting and Some Mending

March 7, 2018

… walk into a bar. Oh, no that’s not right…

Here’s just a few random things going on in the background of my regular garment sewing:

  • I decided I needed a plant painting for my upstairs hallway because a lot of the walls in our house are still pretty bare. Its not quite as “green” as I wanted, I should have done the background in mint instead of light yellow. I’m done painting but I’m going to “frame” it with some strips of wood, just need to buy stain first.

  • Mr. Husband blows out the elbows of his shirts every once in a while. Usually he abandons those shirts to my refashion box, but I guess this purple shirt is a favorite so he actually asked me to fix it. I just pinched it back together and sewed it closed like a dart then reinforced it with some cotton on the inside.

  • For no particular reason I felt like making a wreath with some rope I had on hand (it’s the kind of rope that’s used on cat scratching posts, leftover from the cat scratching post I made… which I guess I never blogged about?). It was fun to make and I think it looks really good, but I actually don’t want to hang it up at my house! Too rustic for my tastes. Its a weird feeling, liking something but not wanting it.

  • And I started another quilt with red and green squares and half square triangles, the colors of our NHL hockey team, the Minnesota Wild. Not sure how big it will be but I’m going to make star shapes, I’m trying not to over analyze it! Right now I have a ton of squares cut out and made one star.

Most of this stuff I post more about on instagram (see preview on the right side bar), if you care for more “real time” updates ha!


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  1. Bia permalink
    March 7, 2018 7:26 am

    soooo… Does Mr. H think the mend is ok?

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