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Burda Style 08/2014 #132… Kindof

February 21, 2018

So this doesn’t look like the pattern I’m listing in the title… because in the end it isn’t. But it was at one point! This is a refashion of a failed sewing project that was a scrap buster… does that make sense?

Pattern: I started with Burda Style 08/2014 #132, an asymmetrical, drop shoulder t-shirt with some pleats at the waist

But I made some fatal mistakes that resulted in me cutting the top open and modifying the fit with Butterick 4198 and the sleeves with Sewaholic Renfrew.

Fabric: This started as a stash busting project. I somehow have accumulated lots of leftover pieces of jersey from both my projects and my mom’s, but none are large enough to make a whole t-shirt alone. So I mixed  few together. The floral print is the reason I tried to save this project after the initial pattern fail, it’s so soft and drapy! The black is a cotton-lycra, and the gray feels like a poly-lycra that’s slightly heavier than the other 2 fabrics.


Design Likes/Dislikes: I really need to just stay away from drop shoulder tops, I don’t like how they look at all. You really need something super drapy to make them work.

The 2 reasons the Burda pattern was a failure for me is because 1) I thought it looked too long, so I shortened the pattern before cutting into fabric, but the front pattern piece is weird looking with the pleats so it was hard to tell how short to make it… I made it too short. I’m also not a fan of the sideways high-low hem and should have made the effort to straighten it. 2) I accidentally cut the sleeves on the cross grain so there was no stretch at all. Even with all that, I wore it once and hated it.

For reference, here is the first iteration:

So I cut the sides open and the sleeves off. Cut new sleeves from Renfrew and shaped the sides using B4198 and eventually put it back together. Now, I love this top from the waist up, the neckline is perfect and the pleats are very pretty. But the lower half is still kindof odd because the pleats had to be eased into the lower band. I probably should have pleated them again at the bottom. So in the end it’s kindof blouson and I’m not a huge fan. The whole thing kindof pops up too so I have to pull it down a lot. This is probably a weekend only shirt, but at least I finished it.

Sizing and Fit: Burda was originally a size 36, B4198 was size 10, I can’t remember what size I use for the Renfrew.

Changes: see above, so many changes.

For Next Time: I still like the idea of the pleats, and I could probably do a better pattern mashup with B4198 if I did it all on paper first (instead of hacking into a completed t-shirt lol!) but I’m not sure I will. Too many fishes in the sea to bother with this one.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Bia permalink
    February 21, 2018 7:44 am

    Great flower fabric, turned out good looking in the end.

  2. February 21, 2018 4:22 pm

    Great match up of the solid black and solid grey with the floral print – it all works together for a nice top.

  3. February 22, 2018 10:07 am

    Nice save! Burda tops are always so long. Sheesh. And the often weird (but interesting!) shapes make it hard to figure out where/how to adjust.

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