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Perfect Timing V9026

January 8, 2018

It is so so so cold in Minnesota right now. The HIGH temp on New Years Eve (when I took these pictures) was a new LOW record of -6F (-21C). It is not the time to be going outside for anything. So this amazingly warm, fluffy sweatshirt is perfect timing. I need more sweaters and super warm things for the office too, I sit next to the window (which is nice to see the sun every day and I have a great view of downtown Minneapolis from the 12th floor but…) and it is so cold. Pretty sure the temp drops a couple degrees just walking from the neighboring cube to my cube.

Pardon the dolls and clutter, I noticed the light was good in my sewing/toy cave and took advantage for pictures!

As a side note, I think my sewing queue has realigned itself with the season. Five years ago I was always sewing winter things in the summer because I’d make my winter list in the winter and it would take 6 months to get to them. Since I’ve slowed down though, the queue seems to have righted itself. I was so cozy and warm just holding this fabric while I was sewing, in the summer I would have been sweltering and wondering what the hell I was thinking!

Pattern: Vogue 9026, view AFabric: Purple sweatshirt fleece from SR Harris. This stuff is amazing, very thick but light weight, one side is smooth and the other is fleecy.

Design Likes/Dislikes: I’m not sure I have any dislikes! At first I thought the v neck was too low but after wearing is all day Sunday, it’s fine. I’ll still wear a tank underneath just in case though. I love the diagonal seams, there are no seams under the arms. And all the pieces fit together really well, granted this fabric is still pretty stretchy for being so thick.

Sizing and Fit: The sizing is in XS, S, M and L, XL, XXL grouping. I made a medium and it is a little big, but with a sweatshirt that’s kindof the point. Especially with this thick fabric, I didn’t want something form fitting. The sleeves are a little long and the shoulders a little too wide, if I was trying to get a perfect fit. It is boxy, but those diagonal seams would be perfect for making it more curvy if a person wanted to.

Changes: None, I made the whole thing on my regular sewing machine with a zigzag stitch and walking foot. There were a couple places where seams met up that got really thick, but it worked out because this fabric is spongy.

For Next Time: I still have some of this purple fleece leftover, so I’d like to do some color blocking with another color, like shown on the envelope.


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  1. Sarah Helene permalink
    January 8, 2018 8:04 am

    Love the color of your shirt. It’s so versatile to coordinate with any color pants or skirt! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. January 8, 2018 10:58 am

    Like this a lot. And totally forgot I owned this pattern. Also, I loved Minneapolis when I visited a few years ago. But, my husband always reminds me that it’s a long cold winter. -6 though. That’s a bridge too damn far.

    • January 9, 2018 7:25 am

      Always visit in the summer lol! It got above freezing yesterday and it felt like spring

  3. January 8, 2018 2:15 pm

    It looks so cuddly!!!! 😀

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