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Halloween Garden Wreath

October 7, 2017

You know when you see a picture of someone else’s crafting or sculpture and it triggers another idea that’s related but totally different? This is one of those cases.

I saw this pin on pinterest of 1/12 scale flowers with fang mouths in the middle (I’m not going to repost the image because it’s not mine, please click the link to see it), not even sure if it just showed up randomly or what, but it was instantly “I could make a wreath like that!” (I have a whole pin board of ideas for wreaths)…

I wanted mine to have eyes though and, since Halloween starts in August according to the craft supply stores, I was able to find some styrofoam eye balls and spooky flowers. I feel like I’ve seen flowers with eyes before as a Halloween decoration but I’m not sure where.

My new front door! I own this!

I cut off the back half of the eye balls and some of the center petals of the flowers to make them fit better. Then just glued everything in place onto a premade silver twig wreath. The fake flowers all came with leaves on their stems so I stuck some of them into the wreath too. Use all parts of the buffalo, as they say. Actually the spiders aren’t glued in place because they came with clips on the back, so I could potentially move them around more.

I considered trying to add eyelids with clay or something but it sounded more complicated than necessary (and I didn’t want to buy a ton more craft supplies that I’d only use a tiny bit of).

Another successful wreath, if I do say so myself. It’ll probably stay on my front door until Thanksgiving!


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  1. Bia permalink
    October 7, 2017 12:48 pm

    SCARY! And Cool!

  2. October 13, 2017 1:51 pm

    I love, love, love this!!!! Wow, so cool! I don’t have good sophisticated words, just cool!!

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