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Why Aren’t There More Sewing Patterns with Long Sleeves

August 26, 2017
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I seem to be in constant need of more long sleeved shirts I can wear to work, its chilly in the office year round (and cooler and wetter than normal outside this year too). But once I started searching for long sleeve shirt patterns that aren’t the traditional button up with collar (basically men’s shirts with darts), I realize how few there really are.

Short sleeve shirts are cute but impractical and the ones I’ve made in the past never get worn no matter how much I like them. Sleeveless shirts will always end up paired with a jacket or cardigan so is it really worth sewing them? Sometimes. I do love my shell tops.

I’m also kindof tired of traditional shirts with buttons and collars and sleeve vents. They’re not comfortable to me and you almost always have to tuck them into pants. Collars in general seem pointless unless it’s a coat, they’re literally just decoration. I hate the pleats that are always on shirt sleeves, they look poofy on me (I also dislike sleeves that are meant to be poofy with gathering or ruffles for the most part). I prefer slim looking sleeves, but they’re more difficult to draft and so end up being few and far between. Not to mention that copying men’s wear is just boring most of the time.

So here is the first collarless, buttonless, long sleeve blouse I searched out and made, and it’s definitely a winner.

Pattern: V9151, View B

Loose-fitting, pullover tunic has stand-up collar and front bands, V-neckline, back pleated into yoke, and narrow hem. A: Short sleeves and stitched hem on sleeves. B, C: Long sleeves. B: Contrast.

Click for source

Fabric: Geometric polyester from Hancock (pre-demise), and some leftover black crinkle cotton. A contrast fabric with more similar characteristics to the poly print would probably have been ideal, but I wanted solid black and I didn’t really feel like buying anything. This crinkle cotton was on hand (and a large enough scrap). It works and the texture difference is nice.

Design Likes/Dislikes: I don’t have any major dislikes with this shirt, which is good because I spent a long time searching out the right type of pattern. I was worried while I was putting the collar together because it didn’t look like the pieces would fit together but they did in the end. The sleeves are just the right amount of looseness, but might be a little long on me, I will consider doing 3/4 sleeves next time.

Sizing and Fit: I made a size S which is supposed to represent sizes 8-10 and I think it fits well. I almost always make a size 10 even though I’m not sure if it has ever corresponded with my measurements on paper. It’s suppose to be loose fitting and there are no closures so you need it to be somewhat loose to get on and off. One major thing to remember is there are no darts, just a tiny bit of ease gathering near the bust, so this shirt might not work well straight out of the envelope for larger chests.

Changes: I shortened the hem by about 2 inches.

For Next Time: Possibly 3/4 sleeves, but I definitely want to make this again


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  1. Bia permalink
    August 26, 2017 6:33 am

    great fabric! I was worried about that odd looking collar, but it looks good.

  2. Jeanette permalink
    August 26, 2017 9:07 am

    I like the shape of your shirt. You said there were no darts and that it might not work for larger busts. What about smaller than average busts? Like an A-cup. Can you guess how it would work for an A-cup sewist? Thanks.

    • September 6, 2017 6:59 am

      I think it would work fine for smaller busts

  3. August 27, 2017 5:21 am

    Yeah, I don’t get the lack of long sleeves either. (All the fancy flounced sleeves that are everywhere this year Do Not Count because they are impossibly impractical). I wouldn’t have picked this pattern out but your version looks really good! It looks like it would dress up and down well.

    • September 6, 2017 7:00 am

      Ya, it’s a great blank canvas pattern I think

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