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Silver Cowl

June 19, 2017

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one besides it’s a really fast sew. I’m thinking I don’t care much for cowl necklines, they never seem to lay well.

Pattern: BurdaStyle 11/2013 #112

Click for source


Fabric: Slinky, silver, polyester mystery knit from SR Harris. I found it in their defect bin so it was even cheaper than usual, which is saying something because literally everything as SR is half off the list price and I’m pretty sure everything they buy is defective in some way. But that’s why SR is fun, you never know what you’ll find but it will probably be cheap!

Anyways, this fabric was actually very easy to sew, even though it looks slippery. It sheds sparkles everywhere though, hopefully that lessens as it gets washed more. And there are defects in the fabric knit, but you really can’t see them until you look and I didn’t even try to avoid them.

Design Likes/Dislikes: I really like the lining (though I should have made it full length, I had enough fabric. Oh well), it makes for a really clean finish. Burda’s instructions were a little confusing but I figured it out after reading through a couple times. The shoulders are cut in a little, and while I like this look because it instantly makes you look more athletic, it doesn’t pair well with my normal bras. And I’m unlikely to find a different bra just for a shirt. BUT this is sleeveless so I’m also unlikely to wear it without a cardigan or jacket anyways. So it doesn’t matter in the end.

Sizing and Fit: I made a size 34 and I think it fits very well. I think all those ripples on the body are really just because the fabric is so wiggly because it does not feel tight.

Changes: I only cut the lining halfway, so it’s kindof the length of a built in bra. I did that because I was only thinking the lining would be useful to achieve a clean finish on the edges but it really would have been better with a full lining. Self lining by the way. The fabric is just a little see through some times. But it’s not too noticeable.

Inside front

For Next Time: If I ever have a craving for a knit cowl tank, this will definitely be what I use. But I doubt I’ll be making this again anytime soon, just because I have so many other plans.


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  1. June 21, 2017 6:55 am

    I know what you mean about cowl necks; they can work well but I think it’s very dependent on the fabric and pattern combination. Often better in a woven than a knit IMO.

    Anyway I love the brightness of the silver. I’d wear this like a shot.

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