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A Narwhal with a Message

May 28, 2017

I can’t remember how long I’ve been working on this embroidery but it has to have been at least a year, possibly more. I took breaks to work on other things since this one is more filled in than a lot of the embroidery I like doing. Basically I wanted to use some of the coordinated threads and fabrics I got as part of a Stitchy Box, a subscription box for embroidery supplies. I only did the subscription for 3 boxes in 2016. It was fun and I got a lot of really nice threads, but I just don’t go through my embroidery supplies fast enough to keep up with the boxes. Here is what I got in one of the boxes, I think this one was Spring themed:

For the narwhal I only used the blue and yellow items on the left. I’m kindof annoyed with myself now because I can’t find the purple half of this box anymore, I think I might have mixed it in with my other fabrics and threads. Anyways, these threads are way more high quality than I usually buy at the craft store, BUT I’m not sure I’m such a fan of silk embroidery thread. It just didn’t always pull through the fabric smoothly, even with waxing. You can’t see them in the pictures too well but I did use the beads and metallic thread to enhance the water splashes. Had to buy smaller needles for those tiny beads even!

The narwhal pattern is free from the Feeling Stitchy blog.

And the banner words “Delete Your Account” came from Hillary Clinton’s tweet response to one of the many stupid things Trump tweeted during the election last year. I had a hard time picking what to put in the banner (it’s blank in the pattern) because it had to be pretty short. But this definitely seems narwhal worthy.

I have it in a frame now, but I’m kindof tired of it now, or maybe I don’t like the white frame it’s in. My older sister said she’d take it, so next time I drive to Lincoln I’ll hand it off since it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase when I flew home earlier this month.


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  1. melinda m stein permalink
    May 28, 2017 11:08 am

    I think it’s fabulous!

  2. June 1, 2017 6:23 pm

    What beautiful embroidery, Molly. I am fascinated by narwhals. Thanks for the links, too!

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