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Southwestern Print Knit Dress

November 5, 2016

You know when you find fabric that you just really like but have no idea what to do with it and you still buy it anyways? That’s this dress. I love the green/blue colors, but the tan isn’t my favorite. But a southwestern style print like this isn’t something I normally wear even if I love it. So I paired it with a dress pattern that I wanted to try out. I think the fit is a little weird, but I’m not too bummed because I was so unsure about the fabric.

I actually finished sewing this dress in July or August probably, didn’t wear or photograph it until late September and now that I’m done studying for the PE I finally have the mental space to post about it!


It was very sunny

Pattern: New Look 6097

Fabric: Rayon-lycra jersey from SR Harris

Design Likes/Dislikes: I think this might be my first mock wrap dress and I actually really like the idea. I like wrap dresses too but with this one you don’t have to think about if the wrap is going to fly open ever. I also liked that the pattern has a couple variation details like the collar and sleeves.



Sizing and Fit: I made my usual size 10 but the fit feels a little weird. You can see it in the drawing above that the waist seam isn’t on the waist. It feels weird to me, and when I finished making it I was ready to just get rid of it because it was too weird. But I left it in my closet for a couple weeks ( or maybe months) and decided I had to at least give it a chance by wearing it to work and after wearing it a full day it really didn’t bother me as much. I don’t think this pattern will become a favorite, but it’s not bad.

I should have used the silly sleeve tabs though because the sleeves are too loose on their own to roll up well.


Changes: I used the longer sleeves, no tabs, and no collar, but the only real change was to shorten the skirt.

For Next Time: I’m not making this one again, but I might see if I have any other mock wrap patterns or look around for a good one.


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