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When you play the game of thrones… everyone gets a turkey leg

September 11, 2016

Oh, that’s not how the saying goes? When you’re just going to a highly historically inaccurate renaissance festival, no one dies and you can have mead and a turkey leg if you want instead.

I finished my dress for the fair earlier this summer and a couple weekends ago my family came to visit so we could all go together. Only my mom, dad, and I dressed up, but it sounds like everyone wants to go again next year so maybe my sister and nephew will dress up next time also. My mom made a quick elastic waist skirt and laced up vest (from leftovers of my dress #matching) and my dad wore the monk robe I made last year. It was raining for the first 30 minutes or more that we were at the fair, so that was kindof miserable because none of us had prepared for rain. But it was great once it stopped raining, probably cut down on the crowd too. Next year I’m making a cloak or a big hat.


Pattern: McCall’s 6940, View A with modifications

Dresses (close-fitting through bust) have princess seam detail, long, wide sleeves and sleeve bands. A: Partially lined, wrap, tie ends, and appliqué. B: Boned, and back zipper. Belts have backing. Belt C: Seam detail, purchased lacing for closure. Belt D:elasticized pieces with hook & eye closing.

Fabric: Dark blue linen (from SR Harris) and printed blue and white cotton linen blend (from Hancock’s, RIP). I hadn’t totally decided what to do with the sleeves yet when I was buying fabric (didn’t even have a color scheme picked out until I found the blue and white print), so I followed the recommended yardages. Since I obviously didn’t make giganto sleeves, I have plenty left over.




Design Likes/Dislikes: The sleeves didn’t look very practical for anything other than posing for pictures and there was potential for hot weather so I pretty much nixed the sleeves as designed, I’ll go into more detail below about my changes. I was also not sure the ties would be enough to keep the dress closed. Besides the outside ties, the pattern calls for one interior ribbon going around the waist with thread loops. I didn’t do that, instead I secured the inside wrap with 4 buttons sewn to the seam. This worked pretty well and I didn’t have to worry about my dress coming open at all during the day – but I did wear shorts and a tank top underneath just in case. I’m not a fan of the odd shaped belts in the pattern either, so I didn’t make them.



And here is my dad and I “fighting” with imaginary light sabers, showing off his sleeve pocket, and kindof showing the interior buttons I added to my dress. I feel like my voice sounds really funny in this video (shot by Pedro).

Sizing and Fit: Size 10, the sleeves are a little tight around the armhole but otherwise the dress fit as expected.

Changes: I added interior buttons like I mentioned above. I also changed the sleeves quite a bit. I used the upper sleeve pattern piece but extended it to be full length. Originally I was just going to have a normal straight sleeve, but then I started getting worried it would be hot and I would die in dark blue long sleeves. So I cut them up the center and bound the edges with bias binding. If I feel like it I might go back and add some lacing or a ribbon tie at the wrist to make it more fancy.

My belt is just an unfinished strip of thick, blue leather (just one of those things you randomly have lying around “just in case”)



For Next Time: I think I can safely say I won’t be making this again, I’m not sure why I would need two of these dresses, but I do think I could make some modifications to this dress for the next time I wear it. I need some sort of pocket, I’ll have to think about where the best place to put that would be. Laces or ribbon added to the sleeves. And a tie or ribbon that I can use to hitch up the skirt. It was very muddy at the fair because it rained in the morning so I was constantly holding my skirt up (which one hand, because I was too busy eating and drinking). I think just a tie that starts from the inside waist seam on one side would be enough.


It probably doesn't entirely show it, but our feet were super muddy by the end

It probably doesn’t entirely show it, but our feet were super muddy by the end

The fair itself was fun, pretty much just as I expected it to be. This fair in Shakopee, MN is a permanent set up and I think one of the larger fairs in the country (I could be wrong, haven’t been to any others). The buildings are really well done to look aged and all the actors/performers/workers are costumed and spoke in English/Scottish accents (which honestly was the weirdest part to me. I know we didn’t have a medieval period in America, but it’s just weird to pretend to be English for a renaissance festival. Does anyone in Europe even have renaissance festivals? seems like one of those weird American ideas). There was theatrical jousting, jesters and acrobat type people, and a royal court that seemed to just wonder around. It can get expensive though, but they serve mead and turkey legs and you get to dress!


So, what do you think?

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