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Ink Blot Suede

May 3, 2016

I’ve had this fabric forever, I didn’t even buy it, my Grandma did when she made a skirt for me probably 15+ years ago. But I love it and it’s very sentimental at this point. I still keep the skirt in my dresser because I just can’t get rid of it… and now I have a matching top… not sure I’d go so far as to wear them together though, might be a bit much.


Truthfully, the skirt never fit very well (the waistband is weird, but you can’t see it here) and it’s too short to wear to the office. Maybe with tights in the winter.

Pattern: BurdaStyle #115 04/2014 “Wrap Blouse”

Personally, I would not call this a wrap blouse

The skirt was from Simplicity 9473 view D, one of their junior patterns from 2000. I loved all the patterns in their “grooves” collection. I feel like I remember Simplicity being really on trend in the late 90s/early 00s.

image linked to etsy… I wonder if my mom still has these patterns…

Fabric: Printed faux suede and cotton lycra jersey. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough to make the sleeves in the same fabric so I experimented a bit by using jersey. It worked out ok but I narrowed the sleeves and now the arm hole feels a little funny.


Design Likes/Dislikes: I loved the whole outfit this top was part of in the magazine, I have the pants traced out too that I want to make… someday. I have not seen many shirts with this sort of overlap before and it makes a potentially boring shirt much more interesting. The two layers are only connected at the shoulder seams so it feels a little weird, like the layers are just going to fly open at any moment (I wore a tank top underneath). But it’s shorter than I’d like, and I am not normally a person that has problems with patterns being short (meaning, I am short). I am definitely adding 1 or 2 inches in length next time.



Sizing and Fit: Size 36. The fit is supposed to be boxy but it’s also odd because the layers are free to move so I felt like I had to reposition everything when I stood up from sitting. That might have been just my imagination though. Anyways, because of the movement, I think the bust darts don’t stay in the right place always. And the shirt is short, like I mentioned above… I think I need to wear it with different pants. And I messed up the sleeve to shoulder fit because of the knit fabric, but I can live with that – I have no idea if it is a good sleeve with wovens since I didn’t try that.


Changes: Making the sleeves in jersey was the only change. I used rayon bias tape to bind all the seams and to make the hem deeper because I forgot to add extra for the hem. Rayon bias tape is amazing, I just had some in my stash of tapes because I inherited all my sewing stuff from my Grandma (today’s theme apparently) but I so wish this stuff was still common in stores. Might have to search for it more often.


For Next Time: Add length, use one fabric for the whole thing. I do really like this style and want to make it again, but because of the shortness on this particular shirt I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it. Maybe it would look better with a skirt.


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  1. Bia permalink
    May 3, 2016 8:17 am

    Cute! Does the “open” part need to be so open? Meaning, could you tack it part way down, or does it need the fluidity?

    • May 3, 2016 8:26 am

      It could probably be tacked down, might be hard to get it tacked in just the right spot… maybe multiple tacks would work best

  2. May 3, 2016 10:15 am

    That skirt looks remarkably like the oh-so-popular Vogue 1247. I love the two pieces together. For 15+ year-old fabric, it looks remarkably up-to-date. Your grandmother had a good eye for fabric!

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