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Inside Molly’s Head, April 2016

April 27, 2016

Must be the spring warm up, it feels like the pace of interesting things happening has picked up.

  • I started listening to the podcast Conscious Chatter and while I don’t consider myself extremely consumeristic/wasteful, I think I could do better. And it must be trickling into the main stream because NPR has picked it up a bit.
  • Will clothing subscription services end fast fashion? It’s not something I personally would do, but for people that shop a lot this seems like a really cool idea.
  • A history of DMC, the embroidery thread company, parts I and II. Of all the embroidery threads/flosses I’ve tried so far, DMC is my favorite, which I guess makes sense since they’ve had a little while to perfect what they’re doing. On a tangent thought, my fascination with this reminds me that apparently it’s a thing for millennials (me) to like companies more when they have a perceived legacy. But DMC has both history and quality, so it doesn’t bother me too much if I’m falling into stereotypes of my generation.
  • Don’t glue anything without this handy reference chart.
  • Who and what gets printed on money has been making headlines in the US recently, mainly because our money changes very slowly. The Smithsonian wrote recently about the depiction of ordinary women on money and the ancient empresses on Byzantium coins. I am very happy to hear that Harriet Tubman will be on our $20 someday, but it’s kindof funny to me that, because of a Broadway musical, people were lobbying the Treasury Dept not to get rid of Hamilton. Maybe he was an awesome guy, from what I know off the top of my head he did turn into an American hero, I haven’t seen or heard the musical though.
  • If you’re into historical clothing or costuming at all, the FIDM Museum blog is really cool.
  • And on a related note, The Costume Vault blog does really great, in depth reviews of movie costumes with discussions of inspirations and historical accuracy, where applicable.
  • Street style isn’t really street style anymore. This and a few other articles (on Man Repeller, the Cut, and Tom & Lorenzo) make me think that current fashion styles are going to shift soon, like everyone is getting bored with normal. At least in the fashion world, which means it will take 2-3 years for those ideas to hit my part of the world. This could also mesh in the with the slow realization that the fashion industry needs to change in general.
  • Side note: are hem lines dropping? And is it related to the global recession like it was in the 1930s? I don’t think middie skirts look so great, but maybe it’ll be common place in 5 years. I didn’t think skinny pants looked good 5-7 years ago either, so what do I know.
  • An interview with Marimekko’s creative director.
  • Why aren’t designers trying harder to update and appeal to (actually) powerful women – i.e. HRC not Kardashian. Although, personally, I think HRC is doing great in the wardrobe department.
  • This isn’t much of an article, but I love scifi fashion so the slideshow is worth a look. If only the met’s fashion exhibits traveled, that would be awesome to see.


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Don’t you just love spring*


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  1. April 27, 2016 4:42 pm

    I love this blog update! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and links. It is a nice vignette into your mind and interests.

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