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Molly of Many Hobbies

April 6, 2016

The main point of this post is I’m just showing off a recent painting I made, it has nothing to do with sewing, I just felt the urge to paint (I decided my living room didn’t have enough on the walls too).


But first I want to talk about how I got so many hobbies. My sister’s and I were always doing creative activities when we were little, it was probably my mom’s way to distract us for a couple hours before smart phones and tablets existed. We painted, drew, built lego cities, made tiny clay sculptures (often off food to go in our doll houses), made barbie clothes, etc. I think in general we’re a pretty creative family (although I’ve recently realized I am extremely uncreative when it comes to cooking, it just doesn’t click for me). I kept painting and sewing all through high school and college, but the painting slowed down over time. My mom and sister’s houses have plenty of Molly paintings hung up, but I actually don’t have too many in my house.

We got a new couch in January and our living room is feeling extremely “adult”, but now I’m noticing that it still feels empty because there isn’t too much on the walls. Getting to the point, here is my first addition to the walls this year:


This is the actual room, with a few chairs in different places

This is the actual room, with a few chairs in different places

I’m currently in an archival mood because I’ve been collecting old family photos for a slideshow for an upcoming family reunion. I think I’m going to try to paint my grandma’s sewing room because I always loved that room.


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  1. Melinda permalink
    April 6, 2016 6:29 am

    Excellent! I never knew your painted. Immediately brought this to mind:

  2. April 6, 2016 9:54 pm

    Awesome! Keep on painting!

  3. Amie permalink
    May 1, 2016 5:42 am

    I’m a little late here in commenting but I love your painting. My grandma took up painting later in life, and I have a couple of her paintings and I love them.
    On another note, I think my dinningroom is the same paint color as yours! Or really close.
    It’s a great color for a dinningroom.

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