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The Third Shiny Shirt

February 3, 2016

And here is the shiny shirt I made for myself. I was able to take better pictures in the day time after the gala.


Pattern: McCall’s 6991

View B

Fabric: Silver polyester of some sort, probably meant for Halloween costumes. It presses really well, but it just has too much body for this pattern. I have to rearrange the folds constantly if I don’t want to look like a ball… specifically a disco ball. On the other hand, this will be great if I ever want to dress up as a space alien!



Design Likes/Dislikes: I really like the front wrap thing. The front is all one piece which is then twisted in the center, so you have to use a fabric with a nice front and back side. The twisted front makes a really nice pocket for hiding things too!



Sizing and Fit: This pattern is big, like over sized. I made my usual size 10, but if/when I make this again (because I think it really has potential) I will go down a size. From the line drawing you can kindof see the shoulder seams are meant to slope down, but the model photo does not show that at all. If you try flat pattern measuring on this one, do it at the shoulders and the back width. Measuring the front would be nearly impossible before it’s made.


Gold bias tape!

Gold bias tape!

Changes: None

For Next Time: Size down and use fabric that is much more drapey.


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