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Cross Stitching Takes Forever

November 4, 2015

This seriously took me nearly a year to complete, I have instagram proof.  This is my first time doing cross stitch, which is really just an embroidery stitch.

The only real difference is instead of drawing or transferring lines onto fabric, you use “even weave” fabric that has exactly the same number of threads in each direction per square inch and you count those threads to determine where your next stitch will be.  I don’t think cross stitch would always take a long time, I just decided to pick a large and advanced pattern for my first try.  The only thing that makes it advanced in my mind is the smallness and quantity of stitches, the act of cross stitching is the same no matter what.

ArrowPillow (1)

I should have washed it before sewing it together, the even weave shrank a little. And was impossible to iron for some reason.

But cross stitching is a little different than embroidery because you don’t knot your floss every, instead you thread the loose ends into the backside of the cross stitches and use the tension of the stitches to hold everything in place.  Not sure how secure this would be on something that gets washed often.

ArrowPillow (4)

ArrowPillow (5)

I will probably do more cross stitch mainly because there are tons of cool patterns out there, but it’s kindof annoying that you’re limited in the type of fabric you use. Or if you use regular fabrics (like quilting cotton or felt) you have to have some sort of extra, temporary grid that has to be removed when you finish.  Just seems like a lot of extra work.

ArrowPillow (6)

Anyways, this is the Arrow Cushion pattern by What Delilah Did.  I love her style, she has several really neat books (I bought the christmas book, haven’t used it yet, but its fun just to look at too).  It’s supposed to be made into a 12″ x 18″ pillow case, but when I checked Hancock’s for pillow forms 12″ x 16″ was more common so I made it that size.  There’s enough blank space on the edges to make it smaller without it looking weird.

ArrowPillow (7)

I was worried about loose threads coming out if it ever needed to be washed so I layered some plain muslin on the back and sewed it together as one piece.  The back fabric is a pretty floral, also seen here on the blog.  Since I don’t need a bazillion small pillows at my house, I sent this as a surprise to my aunt in VA and she really enjoys it 🙂


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