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Krazy Kimono Dress

August 31, 2015

Pedro is very specific about the things she wants to wear, which is probably why I like sewing for her, she doesn’t change her mind halfway through and she’s very appreciative of the final products.  Pedro graduated college in June and is starting a job overseas in Ukraine and needed some work clothes.  We tried to go fabric shopping the last time we were together in late June, but the Hancocks in Lincoln seems to be dying a slow death, so she ordered this knit from (and now I have leftovers!).

KrazyKimono (5)

We went to the Nebraska state capital building to take pictures. It’s a pretty awesome place, if you’re ever in Lincoln.

KrazyKimono (4)


Pattern: The “1 Peice Kimono Tee” is an old (no longer available) pattern created by a Burdastyle user back in the Burdastyle US hayday.  I can’t link to it because the user removed it from the site when Burdastyle started charging for their patterns but not letting users sell patterns.

I’ve previously made this pattern for Pedro and they’re some of her favorite t-shirts (and mine too) so this time I lengthened it into a dress.

KrazyKimono (2)

Contemplating the statues

Contemplating the statues

Fabric: Poly knit, I think ITY.  My machine is really not good at sewing slippery knits, it’s skips stitches all the time.  I ended up using an overlocker style stitch on my normal sewing machine,  this used up a lot more thread than normal and took longer but it made skipped stitches matter less.

KrazyKimono (7)

Action shot

KrazyKimono (8)

Changes: In previous versions I’ve just turned the hems over once and stitch, this time I wanted it to look nicer so I added neck and sleeve binding.  I think they could have been a little less tight.

KrazyKimono (6)

Design Likes/Dislikes:  I already knew this would fit Pedro, but the length was a bit of long distance measure and pray, it could probably be an inch longer but that’s just details at this point.  The kimono sleeve style is always comfortable of course.

KrazyKimono (1)

Luckily it was Saturday

For Next Time: Maybe not do the binding on the sleeves because they’re supposed to be more flowy.  But otherwise I think it was a success.


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  1. September 3, 2015 9:18 pm

    Cool print! Looks like it is a nice knit. Nice that you have some leftover! Looks great on her.

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