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Summertime and the Linvin’s Easy

June 13, 2015

Haven’t blogged in a month, don’t feel bad one bit, in case you wanted to know.  What have I been doing? A little sewing, plenty of work (but it’s light out before and after work now, summer is really amazing), a little travel, and reading.

Sewing: I made two Tiny Pocket Tank in one weekend.  I like them, but I’ve decided the Tiny Pocket Tank is not my soul mate.  I had to use 3/8″ seams and I think the neckline is a little too low.  It’s nice that it’s loose and swingy, but I feel like it hangs strangely on me.

LaceTank (1)


Tank Top Guts! It’s a really cool lace I’ve had forever (but only 1 yard) over layered on top of plain cotton. Kindof thick but it still looks good I think


Chess print rayon! super wiggly

I also FINALLY finished the monk robe costume for my dad! This has taken forever, I think we first dyed the fabric in 2013.  I had to try it on and take pictures because I think I look like a dementor or the ghost of Christmas future in it.  I should be able to get pictures of my dad wearing it later this month.


I am not the same size as my dad obviously, so it will look better on him with all his medieval accessories

Travel: I visited Pedro in Denver and we drove from there to the north rim of the Grand Canyon for some cold, wet camping!  There was snow on the ground the night we got there.  The views were pretty terrifying because the canyons were filled with clouds so even though you couldn’t see the drop offs half the time, you still knew they where there.  It really felt like a suspense/horror movie at times.  But when the clouds did clear it was really awe inspiring.

Snow covered trees in late May!

Snow covered trees in late May!

Scary drop offs that you can't see...

Scary drop offs that you can’t see…

But it was worth all the rain I think

But it was worth all the rain I think

Reading: It really must be the year of reading for me this year.  So far my favorite has been Vermilion, so much fun!  It’s a fantasy steampunk version of the late 1800s, set in San Francisco and then Colorado and Wyoming, lots ghosts, monster hunters, talking bears, and lots of action.  The main character is a half Chinese half English, 19 year old woman who dresses like a man and gets into way more trouble than she can handle most of the time.  I so hope this becomes a series, I had book depression after I finished it.


click image for link to the author’s website



I also finished reading that Magic of Tidying book by Marie Kondo, and while I think some of her ideas are good I don’t think she addresses the “don’t bring more crap home after you’ve cleaned up” part.  I also think she’s truely a little crazy.  I’m hoping to do a review of it in conjunction with Pedro at some point.

I’m working on a black pencil skirt right now, not too exciting except it has a green lining.  I’m having a hard time picking the next book to read, I tried to read The Swiss Family Robinson but it was pretty horrible and I had to stop (why is it a classic!? All they do is kill every animal they come across without a second thought!).  And we’re moving to a different house next month so I’ll probably be light on posting for most of the summer.  Blogging feels a little boring lately, maybe just because the sun is out.


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  1. June 13, 2015 12:15 pm

    Your tees look comfy. Everyone seems to be making/blogging tees these days. Must be summer. I’m a little scared of loose swingy tee, I must confess, since every FBA I must do makes me feel like a ship in full sail if it’s not fitting through the waist. Your pics of the Grand Canyon and area are gorgeous. And of course there’d be a little snow in May! Love it! I’m reading Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything now. Oh. And The Death of Money just to keep it interesting between Tolstoy and Star Wars!! haha! Good luck with your move, and I hope you enjoy lots of summer ease!

  2. June 13, 2015 10:44 pm

    Sounds like you have been busy! I think the tiny pocket tees look good.

  3. June 14, 2015 9:54 am

    Love the lace version! I’ve been itching to make some woven tanks. I may try a simplicity pattern I have first, although I’ve always wondered if the tiny pocket tank would work.

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