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A Spring Wreath

April 25, 2015

I made another wreath.

SpringWreath (21)

I think they have really awesome crafty potential, although I have trouble narrowing down what I want to make sometimes.  This one mostly turned out the way I planned, but kindof not at the same time.  Originally I had wanted big black letters stuck in with the flowers that said something passive aggressive like “Go Away,” since these things are usually hung on front doors (like mine) as a sort of greeting… but my sarcastic humor isn’t most people’s idea of funny, so I was afraid it would just sound mean (even though it was surrounded by flowers).  Instead I found a cheap little chalkboard and wrote something geeky on it.  The message can be changed too so that’s a plus.

I’m no expert on wreath making, but it’s stayed together so far.  All I did was paint a white styrofoam wreath base to black, then added some green on top of that.  Next, I artfully arranged some fake ivy vine and tied it in place with wire.

SpringWreath (16)

SpringWreath (11)

SpringWreath (9)

Then I just started sticking fake flowers in, some woven through the vines and tied on with the wire, some just hot glued on.  And lots more hot glue to secure stuff in place, but you have to be careful with hot glue and plastic flowers… they can melt.  I had to get out the big giant wire cutters to trim excess off some of the flowers, those things are thick!

SpringWreath (7)

SpringWreath (4)

And the final product:

SpringWreath (19)

SpringWreath (20)

SpringWreath (23)

Maybe in the fall I’ll get the wreath making bug again, I’d love to make one covered in random, discarded toy parts (yes I have a little box full of those because I’m weird) and little plastic toy soldier type things.


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  1. April 26, 2015 9:26 am

    I think it should totally say “go away” Ha!

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