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Bia’s Quilt Update

January 9, 2015

All of you hoping to see a fancy new dress or clothing article from Molly are now officially disappointed. You can just forward this to your quilting friends!

Since my last quilt update in April, 2014, I finished one queen size quilt and three baby quilts. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Sigh. Someday, when I stop working my day job, maybe I can do more quilt making … someday.

In the meantime, here they are:
My nephew, Matt, married his long-time best friend and wonderful young woman, Kinsey, Memorial Day weekend, 2014.

Matt & Kinsey's Quilt

Matt & Kinsey’s Quilt

Months and months prior to the wedding, when we heard the news and date, I started planning, cutting, and sewing. I believe this quit pattern could be called Rail Fence, but they usually have three bars, not two. These are 8 ½ inch squares, half plain off-white muslin and half blue cottons. Mainly, the blue are from scraps and pieces inherited from my mom, so Matt and Kinsey have a quilt that Grandma Peggy could have made for them.
Three baby quilts:
Here I make a little fun of my brother (“A”), but more … men-folk in general and how they think/communicate.

Early September, I got this text from Brother A.
A: Do you have any baby blankets made?
Me: No, when is the baby due?
A: I am not sure.
Me: I can work on one, but time is more limited this time of year. Boy or girl or neutral?

"Blue Tree Quilt"

“Blue Tree Quilt”

A: Neutral. I believe there is some time. If it is too much, don’t worry about it.
Me: No, I love making them.

——– then, almost exactly two months later …
A: I forgot how we left me asking you if you could make a baby blanket for a guy I play basketball with. They just had a little girl last Thursday. Just curious.
Me: Sorry, I got busy. I have a blue and purple quilt started, will that be ok? Probly be 2 weeks or so before I get it done.
A: Thank you. Yes, that is fine.

——- one week later….
Me: Quilting the baby quilt. What is the baby’s name? I’ll try to put her name on the quilt, or the birthday.
A: IDK the name.
Me: October 30, 2014? Not November, right? I’ll just put October 30, 2014 on the quilt…. I looked at your previous text and think her bday is Oct. 30 (which, BTW, was grandma Zetta’s bday)
A: Yes, that sounds right.

——- two days later
Me: Baby quilt done! Just need to take photos.
A: Okay, Thank you. Can I pick it up Saturday morning? A little before 8am?

Baby Ruby on her quilt

Baby Ruby on her quilt

Me: Yes, that would be good.

So, my brother plays basketball with this guy every week but doesn’t know anything more than there is a baby coming. Women that meet weekly for sports or any reason would

likely know when the baby was due, what sex the baby was, how many kids the family already has, how many brothers and sister the woman has and where they live and what they do for a living, etc.. Men will know how good the friend’s layup is and who their favorite NFL team is. Yes, that’s our men. The really cool thing about my brother’s friend’s baby turns out to be: 1) the baby was born on our Grandma Zetta’s birthday and 2) her name is Ruby, which was our other grandma’s name!

This baby quilt (below) is for a friend in Oklahoma. Their baby girl’s name is Novel, named after the mom’s great grandma of the same name. Seems like a good Oklahoma type of quilt!

Oklahoma Sunflower Quilt

Oklahoma Sunflower Quilt

The third quilt is for the granddaughter of my very dear friend, Tara. I bought a fat quarter set of five different batiks and added one more from my stash.  This baby quilt is a tiny bit smaller than some of them, but SO PRETTY!  I haven’t given it yet, I hope to meet the new baby and give it to her then.

Batik Baby Quilt

Batik Baby Quilt


Back and Front, Batik Baby Quilt

Back and Front, Batik Baby Quilt

Thanks for looking at my quilt update, I’m sure Molly or Pedro will have something lovely for you to see soon!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 9, 2015 6:31 am

    Seems like a pretty good output to me!

  2. January 9, 2015 6:39 am

    BEAUTIFUL quilts!!

  3. J Link permalink
    January 9, 2015 10:03 pm

    Hopefully “A’s” friend didn’t miss any basketball because of The Event.

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