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Hipster Lumberjack Party Pirate

November 7, 2014

HelloHello, as I have been absent gallivanting around the world, some of you may not know me (or gasp, remember me??).  I am Pedro.

As a dedicated hipster, it is my duty to represent my generation in the Halloween festivities.  This year I went as myself, a hipster lumberjack party pirate. Obviously.


This was the best shot I could get of my pink hair. Molly and I inherited the thick hair gene somewhere down the line so it took a lot of hair chalk to even get it to show this much…


While wandering around campus late at night I found a brick wrapped like a present, presumably to anchor some nonexistent balloons. So naturally I decided to pose with it.


The full outfit. I suppose it’s hard to make out, but I’m holding my small plastic parrot in my other hand… you know, because I’m a pirate. Striped leggings and plaid flannel shirt complete the “look”

Ingredients for a successful Pedro costume:

  • Mismatched everything. Striped leggings and pink flannel? You betcha.
  • One or two key elements to solidify the theme. In the pirate case, a jaunty eyepatch and plastic parrot.
  • PARTY! Glow necklaces do the trick nicely.

Thank you thank you, that is all.


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  1. Bia permalink
    November 7, 2014 8:40 pm

    Awesome flannel and outfit. Can’t see your parrot (what’s the parrot’s name?)

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