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May 11 Through May 31, 2014

May 31, 2014

Well, that weekly roundup really didn’t happen. Life happens and you can’t stop to blog though! All in all it was a good Molly-Made-May, I got pictures almost everyday and only skipped wearing Molly-Mades one day because I was sick.  I’ve decided to go the slideshow route with my pictures this time, there are just too many accumulated in the last 3 weeks, so if this doesn’t show up in your emails or RSS feeds, you might need to click through to the actual page.  I also didn’t bother cropping out the mess of my sewing cave or adding links to these makes, but you can just search for the pattern number on my blog side bar if you’re interested.  And my camera batteries died, so the last half of the pictures are bad cell phone mirror shots!


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All in all, it was a good Me-Made-May.  The picture taking helps me remember what outfits worked and which didn’t.  I did not struggle to find things to wear, and I didn’t expect to, but I also didn’t get burnt out like in previous years.  I think that is because I’ve always been sewing as though I have an office job, even when I was in college, so before I didn’t have a nice variety of casual stuff.  But now my life has finally caught up to my closet!  I’m definitely in a good place, but there’s always room for improvement.  I basically wear only 3 different pairs of pants to work, that’s a good number but I’d like just one more so I’m going to push myself to take chances with more trouser patterns (you don’t know how it will go until you try!).  I also want more skirts that I can throw on in the morning without too much ironing or de-linting (my favorite black skirt attracts fuzz like it’s nobody’s business), specifically straight skirts.

Did any of you participate?  Did you have fun or learn anything about what you wear?  Is it weird that my “fantasy sewing” was for an office job I didn’t have in college (seems like most people end up making fancy dresses for their fantasy life)?  Yes, yes it probably is.


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  1. June 4, 2014 12:27 pm

    You have a nice variety! I think it was smart to plan ahead to clothes you were going to be wearing in the future; you’re reaping the benefits now. It’s always fun to see how other’s me-mades (other-mades?) pan out in real life.

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