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Recent Baby Quilts

April 23, 2014
Yellow Stripes Quilt, at the office, ready to give

Yellow Stripes Quilt, at the office, ready to give

Baby quilts are fast and fun. I like making them not only because they are fast and fun to make, but there’s a great deal of satisfaction that comes from giving them to babies with the hope they will drag them around in years to come and perhaps even haul them off to college.  The one shown above (and below) was made for Alaina who was born in March.

Yellow  Stripes

Yellow Stripes

I used different widths of mostly yellow fabric and just sewed them together.  The back is mostly some fabric with lemons on it, leftover from pillow cases made for Molly and Mr. Husband for their wedding or birthdays or something like that.

This baby quilt was for a friend of my brothers.  I probably wouldn’t have made it quite so quick if we hadn’t been disappointed by the weather and made to stay home from a much-anticipated long-weekend trip to Florida.


Purple and Pink!

Purple and Pink!

This one was also made with Width of Fabric (WOF) strips; these were all 4 inch strips.  Thank Goodness I have my  mom’s fabric stash to call upon!

Both were machine quilted with the walking foot on my Bernina. Also, both are ~ 42 inches by 55 inches. I base these baby quilts on the crib size batting.

I haven’t guest-posted lately on Molly’s blog, but her last entry about patterns got me inspired again.  She and I have talked about the pattern world often, and I am enjoying the accompanying discussion.

— Bia

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