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Simple Datura

March 3, 2014

Deer & Doe is a pattern company that I’ve admired from afar for a while. When they first started the patterns were entirely in French, which wouldn’t have stopped me but it would have slowed me down, but I am sometimes trigger shy when it comes to buying online. I’m much more likely to pick things up in an actual store. Last year when visiting Pedro in Denver, we visited a craft and sewing store called Fancy Tiger Crafts (really awesome place if you’re in the area) and I picked up my first Deer & Doe pattern the Datura Blouse.

The photos are grainy because I took them after wearing this to work, so the sun was already down.

The photos are grainy because I took them after wearing this to work, so the sun was already down.

The word datura wasn’t familiar to me so I looked it up. The interwebs say it’s a stocky, flowering herb with spiney seed pods and trumpet shaped white or purple flowers. Not sure if that’s what the pattern is actually named for but it’s interesting to know, and now I’ll probably always associate the pattern with spikey seed pods and trumpet flowers.

Pattern: Datura Blouse by Deer & Doe

Fabric: Both fabrics are remnants from my stash, and probably previously from my mom’s stash. These are probably both rayon-type blends based on the way they handle and press, the white might be more of a viscose. This is a great pattern for small amount of fabric, so even though my fabrics were from the depths of stashdom, they’ll be going back into the stashdom because I didn’t use them up completely (can’t waste it right?).


Design Likes/Dislikes: I like the style a lot, but it’s not very innovative in this first version I’ve made (plain neckline, no collar). I bought the pattern because I loved the cut out triangles (which I will be making next time). I don’t understand the point of the back buttons though, wouldn’t they hurt when you’re leaning against a hard surface? And they don’t go all the way up the back (to where the top is more fitted) so they’re obviously not needed to get into the top (hence why I left them off). The construction of this top is really awesome and I’m going to try to remember to use it when lining other sleeveless things.

Sizing and Fit: I think I traced a size 36, I didn’t write it down anywhere so I don’t know for sure. But that’s the size I usually use in european patterns, and it fits very well – mostly fitted on top and very swingy and loose on bottom. The neckline gaps just a little but I think that’s more due to the upper fabric not being stable and possibly stretching out.


Changes: Datura has a lot of design options, so it isn’t really a change, but I made the version with a plain neckline and no collar. I omitted the back buttons by just cutting the back piece smaller, it probably would have looked nicer if I’d also cut it on the fold, but oh well.

For Next Time: Triangle cut outs, definitely.


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  1. Donna permalink
    March 3, 2014 3:28 pm

    Love your version! I have that pattern on my mental queue. 🙂 Good to see some inspiration for it.


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