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Walrus and Squirrel

February 10, 2014

Two projects I started a while ago:

Walrus (5)

Not difficult, I just got tired of them along the way I guess. But I really wanted to get them out of my “in progress” queue (I really hate having unfinished projects taking up valuable queue space). First, the pillow case came out of the desire to embroider something more useful than just cowtows. Only problem is the embroidery only took me a couple hours, cutting out and sewing (with a long intermission) took significantly longer. Of course I didn’t make it easy and decided I needed a border… Oh and the squirrel pattern came from the book Little Stitches.


SquirrelCase (2)

Squirrels are actually not cute at all, they’re evil little creatures that chew the break lines on your car

SquirrelCase (4)

Menace. I picked the squirrel to embroider because my dad has a bit of a vendetta against them, so it’s kindof funny in a sick, demented way.

The walrus came from a pattern in the book Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals. Stuffed animals are so cute, but they take more work that I’m willing to put into them most of the time. I took some short cuts with the walrus too. First, he isn’t all fleece, his face is felt because that’s what I had on hand (tiny stash bust) and I colored his eyes with sharpy. His tusks are muslin and not stuffed. And finally most of his body is stuffed with fabric scraps, with some polyfill added in to make him not too lumpy. He’s goofy looking, but still cute.

Walrus (1)


Walrus (4)

Walrus (3)


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  1. February 10, 2014 8:33 am

    Great stuffie!
    I have to admit I wasn’t that much of a squirrel fan either. But after holding a “toddler” squirrel that a friend rescued, I changed my mind. It was the sweetest thing and had THE softest fur. When it hopped from her shoulder to my cupped hands it stole my heart. But I get your dad’s point too.

  2. February 10, 2014 10:56 am

    Love your walrus! And yes, I agree with you about the evil little critters. Y’know, the best use of anything squirrel I ever came across was a …. wait for it…… dressing gown lined with squirrel head fur in a poshy poshy shop back in the 80’s! Super soft. *evil laugh* Great population control?! But for all their evilness, they are kinda cute frisking about playing tag in the winter snow. 😀

  3. February 11, 2014 10:43 pm

    Squirrels are rats with tails. But those fluffy tails do make them sorta cute. Love that walrus!

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