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Holiday Break Activities

January 6, 2014

I enjoyed reading everyone else’s year end reviews, but decided pretty quickly I didn’t care enough to calculate my own. I’m way too analytical with my reviews and it ends up not even being that much fun for me. On top of that, I just don’t care. I make things as I feel like it because I enjoy the process and the end result. I enjoy writing about what I make and sharing it here, but I don’t like challenges, sew-a-longs, or quotas because sewing/crafting is my me time. It’s supposed to be fun and nothing else (see blog header above).

I will tell you about my sewing related activities and christmas haul from the end of last year though!

Several fun new books (only one of which I knew I wanted, surprises are great like that!)

Several fun new books (only one of which I knew I wanted, surprises are great like that!)

A new foot!

A new foot!

I’ve never inserted an invisible zipper because everyone always complains it’s so hard with out a special foot. That may or may not be true but now I have a special foot so it doesn’t matter! Next I’d like to get a rolled hem foot.

I didn’t do much sewing at all because after going home for a visit, Mr. Husband and I had some house guests sleeping in my sewing cave (yay to see a friend we don’t see often, boo no sewing room or personal space). But while I was home Bia and I dyed a ton of fabric brown. Why you ask? (you didn’t ask? too bad I’m going to tell you) Because my Da decided last year that he no longer wants to dress for Halloween as a Civil War Union infantry man c. 1862, as he has for the last 20 some years (my Da is a history buff, often going to civil war reenactments, and is something of an expert on military history. I’ve been trying for quite a while to get him to write a blog post up about civil war era clothing, but no luck so far). Instead, he now wants to be a medieval, sword wielding monk, and I’m supposed to make the monk robe for him (there wasn’t so much asking involved more like involuntary volunteering by Da. At least he’s learned that there’s no way Bia would agree to making it?). Apparently he’s been thinking about this for quite a while and had a replica sword all picked out so we could get if for him for christmas. I’ll go into more detail on the whole thing (it was a big deal deciding what kind of fabric to buy) later when I’ve actually done something with it (I’ve even got some new historic clothing books, see above photo). Right now I just have a heavy pile of ~8 yards of brown handwoven cotton sitting in the sewing cave (Spot enjoys sitting on it).

It was a good day to dye.
Had to dig out a 35 gallon storage tub, and that was barely big enough

Once the cave is put back in order I’ll probably just do some alterations so I have more pants to wear to work (it’s so freaking cold here for the last month it’s ridiculous. It seriously felt amazing the two days that got above freezing a couple weeks ago, I could have walked around without a coat it felt so nice), nothing exciting.


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  1. January 6, 2014 7:17 am

    Oooooooo!!!!! Lookee at the pretty sewing books! *NICE* Can’t wait to see the monk….

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