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Deep V in Cream

November 10, 2013

So usually I’m all for the non-seasonal sewing, because then I’m totally prepared for the future, right? Not so much right now. I keep sewing short sleeved things and it’s gotten cold up here. And the cold does not go away, then come back another day like in the Black Hills. Super lame. Whatever, at least I have covered parking so I never have to scrape my car. Now I present another top that I can’t easily wear to work right now ’cause I’d freeze.


Pattern: Burdastyle Deep V Top #126 12/2012

This top, made of black fine knit fabric with an elegant metallic effect, has what it takes to become a favorite in your wardrobe. It upgrades shirts and trousers in seconds. Note the fashionable details such as the deep V-neckline, the stylish wrap effect, and the peplum.

But lets not let English Burda have all the silly description fun, what say you Russian Burda?

In a thin pullover knitted fabric with metallic effect has all chances to become your favorite, because it perfectly matches with both a skirt and with trousers, creating a second for a whole new way. Pay attention to fashion detail: deep neckline, the effect of the smell and the lower part of simulating Basques.

I would have gotten German Burda’s opinion on the matter too, but they seemed to be down for maintenance.

Fabric: Tube knit from Bia’s old stash, probably been there since back when she used to make us colorful leggings in the 90s. The texture is pretty cool though, the back side almost look waffley. Two way stretch only though, so pretty stable, and probably not as drapey as Burda intended.

I was apparently having a really hard time standing still for pictures, so this is the best side view I have

I was apparently having a really hard time standing still for pictures, so this is the best side view I have

Design Likes/Dislikes: I was expecting this top to be much looser in front (like on the model) but it turned out more fitted and I’m totally ok with that (the model must be super skinny I guess, no surprise). So since my expectations were low to begin with, turns out I’m even more happy in the end! The pleats in front don’t take care of all the shape like darts would, but I’m not too concerned. It mostly looks like it’s supposed to be extra pleated anyways. I also like how my fabric was light enough to see the seams and darts, I was planning on always wearing a tank underneath anyways (thinking it would more drapey and therefore low cut). I think this would also look great with long sleeves (too bad my queue is too big, I probably won’t get around to long sleeve version til it’s 95F outside).

I did try layering a cardigan, but layering over short sleeves is just annoying

I did try layering a cardigan, but layering over short sleeves is just annoying

Sizing and Fit: Tighter than I was expecting but since I cut my normal size for Burda knit tops (34) it fits just fine, and since it’s a knit I skipped the zipper (not sure this would be comfortable in a woven anyways, but maybe?). I could have used a little more length at the bottom for hemming, but that’s probably my own fault in the tracing process.

Changes: Omitted the zipper and changed the construction so that the side seams were sewn last (so much easier).

For Next Time: Long sleeves!


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  1. November 10, 2013 8:08 am

    You should replicate the pattern model photos 😉
    on a more practical note have you tried layering a long sleeve tee underneath instead of a cardigan over?

  2. November 15, 2013 6:47 pm

    This looks great on you! I really like the pleating in the front.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at that model photo though – the pose, the makeup! I guess I’m not surprised the real top doesn’t look much like the photo. 🙂

  3. November 20, 2013 2:52 am

    You need shiny gold pants. Next project?


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