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Keys from overseas

November 4, 2013

You may think that I’m a stitching fiend, but actually that last one had been sitting on my sewing desk for weeks waiting to have strips of white sewed to the edges so I could put it in a frame. This one I worked on as I procrastinated the other.


This is part two of the Rap Lyric Embroidery Project (RLEP), inspiration curtsy of my bro-in-law Radd. Tell us a little about rap and keys, Radd:

The phrase “I got keys comin from overseas” is a line from rapper Big Syke in the famous TuPac Shakur song ‘Picture me Rollin’ (album All Eyez on Me, released February 13 1996). The full lyrics are:

I got ki’s comin from overseas

Cost a #*%£?! Two hundred G’s

I’m a street commando, niño for example

This lavish lifestyle is hard to handle

Big Syke, aka Big Syke Daddy, aka Mussolini, aka Tyruss Hines, appeared in 4 tracks on TuPac’s album. He had four solo albums from 1996-2002, and was featured on 6 different artists’ albums from 1992-2007.

When I think of Big Syke, a lot of songs come to mind, but this song in particular stands out. His verse on ‘Hail Mary’ is another classic in my opinion. I first heard ‘Picture me Rollin’ riding in my sisters busted metallic green Buick Electra, going at least 15 over the speed limit, up to no good. Some days I still think of that car and that crazy summer when I hear this track.

If TuPac hadn’t been killed and continued to rap, Big Syke would have gained in popularity and fame not unlike Puff Daddy’s (aka P. Diddy, Sean Combs) rise to fame as Biggie’s (aka Notorious B.I.G, Christopher Wallace) annoying sidekick.

Another classic song, another classic RLEP.

Peace, Radd


I feel like everyone should have at least two alias’ (if you must know, various members of my family refer to me as both Carl and the Duck. We do live by this idea).

Personally I just think it’s funny that I put an image of a door key with it because those are definitely not the kind of keys the quote is suggesting!


I did frame this one also, but I used a really cheap frame from the dollar store and of course while I was putting it together I pushed too hard and snapped the glass… oh well, it adds character?


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