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Mermaids Are Illogical

September 23, 2013
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and sickeningly happy.

IllogicalMermaid (1)

This embroidery project came mostly out of stitchers block. I liked the haiku, needed an image, had a mermaid on hand. But she’s finished now so I can be done with her posy of annoyingly excited fish.

IllogicalMermaid (2)

The Haiku: from a really fun blog by the New York Times. The Times has a program run through all their online articles and search for unintended haikus, if they’re any good someone posts them with no context, just a link to the article (which I’ve never used, what could be better than a contextless haiku?). I don’t know if you’re aware of the fact, but Pedro is very into haikus. To transfer the haiku to my cowtow I used this really cool pen that Bia gave me for my birthday. Just remember to write backwards when using!

IllogicalMermaid (4)

The Mermaid: from a cheap iron on transfer from the craft store. She originally had a day of the week associated with her (and there were 6 other cheerful mermaids as well) so that you could embroider a whole series of tea towels or some such shit. The transfer didn’t take very well, making Harp mermaid even more frustrating.

IllogicalMermaid (3)

At least she has alien green skin. Too bad those fish look extremely excited about her butt…

What I learned: I don’t like doing multicolored embroideries, one or two is good for me. It looks pretty cool and I like to think I’m decent at picking colors, but it just takes so much more time to change thread all the time when I could just be stitching! And stitching is what makes me happy. My next project only uses black floss and will be epic. All though it might still take a while because I only work on it during my lunch break at work… maybe a second project to do while watching tv would be acceptable…


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  1. September 24, 2013 12:48 pm

    You crack me up – that made my day!

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