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2013 Sew-olutions Abound!

December 31, 2012

It’s nearly 2013, and I’m very excited because that means my post school life will finally begin (in May…)! But we’re here to talk about sewing.

Last December I made a sewing resolution (because I don’t do other types of resolutions. If I’m not already doing it, a resolution isn’t going to help me) to only buy one pattern per month and I did so well I actually forgot to buy a pattern some months. That lead to some months buying multiple patterns, and by the end of the year I forgot to blog about my purchases because I couldn’t remember what pattern was for which month. Not that it matters. I’m pretty sure I was successful in only buying 12 new patterns this year, but maybe add a “give or take a couple” to the end of that.


Well, this year I’m not going to restrict myself to one pattern per month, hoping that I’ve learned how to pick better patterns and holding off on buying instantly so that I can think about it. Instead over the last year I’ve noticed that I really want to buy more independent patterns, but I feel bad spending tons of money (remember I have access to $1 Big Four pattern sales at Hancocks) on them when they’re not going to get sewn up quickly (it nearly always takes months and months for me to get to a new pattern). So, this year:

  • I will buy more independently designed sewing patterns than commercial sewing patterns,
  • Put new patterns into my queue immediately (so they hopefully get made in at least 6 months time)
  • And just for good measure, sew plenty of burda patterns because I have so many (not going to assign any quotas because I know I’ll be busy this year with graduating, moving and starting a new job)


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