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2012 “Making” Statistics

December 29, 2012

Making – as in all encompassing of sewing and crafting activities.

It is that wonderful time of year again when everyone busts out their chart making skills and shows off some yearly statistics! I can just smell the nerd in the air.

I of course had an eventful year, the highlight of which is most definitely all the preparation for my wedding in June. I’m going to have to say my wedding dress was my most successful make of the year by far, it fit perfectly, I looked awesome (I’m not the only one who thought so), and it was my most commented on post ever!


But we can’t forget the low points this fall semester when I didn’t have the energy to make anything at all. I don’t know that I had a worst make of the year, I tend to figure out if something just isn’t going to work out and toss it in the scrap pile. It’s not worth my energy to make something I hate. One casualty that I wish didn’t happen was my Ice Top bit the dust in the laundry machine, a combination of cheap fabric and a weak seam junction (mostly the fabric’s fault though). I like the pattern a lot so someday I may try again.

2012 also makes the start of my family’s knowledge of my blog, and the beginning of some contributions from them. Pedro entertained us 12 times this year, always on popular subjects such as Russian fashion, cats, and sleep deprivation. Pedro tells me her favorite posts of the year were Cats In Boxes and Pedro Gets Artsy Craftsy. Our mom, Bia, also joined us to share some of her sewing adventures, writing 11 posts. Her favorite posts from 2012 were the recent Three Wise Owls and Upcycling a Shirt to a Girl’s Dress.

And now for some statistic fun!

2012 Overview

This is by month the project was posted, so I didn’t actually not create anything in October… I just didn’t have time/energy to post. I didn’t make much around that time anyways though because of school.

I've only been keeping track for the last two years

I’ve only been keeping track for the last two years

Hm, crafting really took over this year...

Hm, crafting really took over this year… In my defense a lot of the crafts were wedding related. I have no defense for all the doll clothes and I don’t need one.

Practically even

Practically even

Burda took the lead this year, probably because I feel bad for having so many BS magazines!

Burda took the lead this year, probably because I feel bad for having so many BS magazines!

In total (very approximately, because I never think to measure or calculate these things correctly) I used about 50 yards of fabric this year and spent a good 70+ hours of my life sewing! How exciting! I can’t wait to try and beat those numbers next year.

Coming up soon: My 2013 Sew-0lutions


3 Comments leave one →
  1. RagDollsRising permalink
    December 29, 2012 8:33 am

    Love that wedding dress!

  2. December 29, 2012 9:03 am

    Ah, I wish my Excel skills were better! I’d so make some charts like this if they were!

  3. December 31, 2012 6:04 pm

    I like the way you broke down your year! I don’t know that I would’ve thought to include crafty things too; I tend to only think about my sewing. And the pattern use breakdown is also helpful…totally stealing that!

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