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Santa Ninjas

December 22, 2012

For my christmas ornaments this year I decided to go simple and make some miniature versions of the ninja “stuffie” I made previously (I had thought about making some little cats, but those are more complicated and I’m shorter on time this semester).

SantaNinja (5)

They’re just felt cut in ninja shapes stitched together with embroidery floss, stuffed, hats and ribbon hot glued on, and eyes painted. Simple!

SantaNinja (3)

Classic Santa Ninja

SantaNinja (4)

Always have to mark the date!

Most of the santa ninjas are made of black felt, but I thought my little girl cousins would like more girly colors and Hobby Lobby has tons of felt.

Hidden amongst the plastic branches

Hidden amongst the plastic branches

And I made a little PDF of my ninja outline, I know I said on my fluffy ninja post that I wouldn’t, but I think these are sufficiently different and they so cute and tiny! Only 3.75 inches tall!

Santa Ninja Ornament


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