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Cats in Boxes: You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me Right Meow

November 27, 2012

Molly has been peer pressuring me to make this post for who knows how long. Too long. She’s annoying. So I make one demand in exchange for writing it. The story of Carl.

There once was a mythical being named Carl. She was a majestic beast. Wings, fire, webbed feet, a mermaid tail, porcupine quills, built-in GPS. These are all things that she did not have. Because she’s not actually a mythical being, I lied about that part. So sorry… but not really.

Carl is Molly. I call her that. She doesn’t like it when other people do, just like I don’t like it when other people call me Dorchbottom. Our family is weird, if I were you I’d ask as few questions as possible or else just run away. To a magical land. Or Newfoundland. I hear that’s pretty neat. Not like Oldfoundland!

I think it was when I was around 11 or so, Molly was 16 and babysitting me for the summer. She’d just gotten her license so we drove around in her little car a lot that summer. I don’t really know why I’m hyping this up so much, the story is that I misheard her somehow and thought she said her name was Carl. But it stuck and now I call her Carl. Because that is her name. So thus far in our joint blogging career it has been a constant struggle to keep the Molly charade up. But no more! Muahahahahaha! The vagrant tornado strikes again!

Okay, cats. In boxes.

Maru is easily the best cat on the internet. If you disagree then you haven’t seen this video

This one comes from our own grandpa and his wild cats. Just imagine that this heating pad is a box…

Zeus helping Bia clean out some fabric.

“Why are you in my box”


Another Maru. Oh Maru.

The cat traps are working.

This isn’t the kitten you’re looking for…

It has been said that cats are inclined to take up residence in small enclosed spaces because it reminds them of the space ships on which they descended from the planet Cats Cats Cats. They fondly remember this time as the period spent preparing for world domination through combat training, purr sessions (otherwise known as How to Cause an Earthquake 101), murrder, and hilarious hi jinks. Thus they recreate this feeling by squeezing into the smallest box they can find and rule the world. Because we all know that cats are true dominant species of this planet. Don’t try to deny it, you filthy hairless bipeds…


6 Comments leave one →
  1. November 27, 2012 8:36 am

    Until we got our cat Ali 4 years ago, I didn’t realize how interesting a creature they are. Cute, intelligent, thoughtful and thought provoking!

  2. November 27, 2012 9:59 am

    Hahaha oh that is so true — cats really are the dominant life form!

  3. November 27, 2012 10:52 pm

    I think we only stop cats breeding because we know they would become our overlords if we gave them the chance !

    • Catwoman permalink
      July 13, 2013 9:07 am

      I have been enslaved by my cat!!!

  4. November 28, 2012 12:42 am

    Now I’m sitting here going awww like a mad lady. So cute!


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