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Random Veterans’ Day Thoughts

November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans’ Day!  This is not a major US holiday, in the way that Thanksgiving or New Year or 4th of July are, but still a good one…  after all – there is a sale at the fabric store (but they would likely have a sale for Liechtenstein Independence Day, if there were such a thing [apologies to all Liechtenstein nationals out there]).  And … we get the day off!

The famed “Veterans’ Day Cactus” – aka, early Christmas cactus.

My Christmas Cactus celebrates by blooming early!

Flag-quilt wall hanging. Always good all summer through November, with a time-out for Halloween.

I usually have this quilted wallhanging up from mid-May through November, with a short break for Halloween.  Molly made a Halloween quilted wallhanging years and years ago with Grandma’s help – that’s what I still put up at Trick-or-Treat time.

Many, many thanks to all the active duty military and the veterans who have left home or given their time to do great protective things – like spend time in the middle-east in war areas (da was in Iraq for nearly a year, one of my sisters (the General) was in Kuwait for a year), or transfer around the country (one of my brothers was in the Air Force for 20+ years), or go to Japan after WWII to play in the Army band and be a lifeguard (my dad), or go to the Pacific to be a doctor for the Army during WWII (da’s dad)… everyone is related to or knows (or IS) a veteran.

Da and Spot, last year.

 Thank you to their families and pets.  Thank you.

– Bia

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