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Pillows for College Kids

September 28, 2012

Pedro is back at college – she spent the summer at home with us, but this is probably the last one.  This year’s dorm experience will be a suite – she and her friend Callie each have single rooms and Liana and Kaitlyn are sharing a room.  The four of them share a bathroom, refrigerator, and microwave.  A much improved situation over last year.

Both Pedro and Callie have west-facing windows… great for seeing the mountains.  But also great for letting glaring sunlight in.  I made them both simple lined curtains that are just threaded onto tension rods.  With the tiny bit leftover from each 3 yard piece that went to the curtain-making, I made them small pillows.

Pedro’s curtains are blue and red batik.  For her pillow I added in a matching light purplish – blue with small vines on it.

Pedro's new pillow.

Pedro’s new pillow.

Callie’s curtains are made from a Japanese-style printed cotton that is turquoise/teal blue with dark blue.  To make the patchwork on the pillow, I added a very dark black batik.  You can barely see that it is a batik.

Callie’s pillow.

The funnest part of making these pillows was the patchwork for the front side.  I just cut strips or pieces and stitched them together.  I quilted the fronts too, layering in thin batting and a white muslin backing.  Fun, pretty, and useful!  I’ll get them sent off to Denver real soon.

—  Bia

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