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We Sew Quilts Too

July 6, 2012

I try to make a baby quilt when my friends invite a baby into the world.  The latest one was finished just days prior to baby Brooklyn joining her mom and dad, Erin and Will, in the Atmosphere World (vs. her previous Womb World).

Hello Brooklyn!

The baby quilts I make are quick and easy.  They are exceptionally washable too.  They have a pocket sewn on, so that the main part of the quilt can be folded up and stuffed into the pocket to make a pillow.  Additionally, I have had to repair these quilts, as toddlers have been known to put lots of favorite dinosaurs, trucks, dolls, or Legos into the pocket and drag said assemblage around.  The pocket can only hold so many toys before it starts to rip …

The selection of fabric.

The 100% cotton fabric for this quilt is called “Animal Party Too” by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman.  I don’t usually buy a coordinated set of fat quarters and matching yardage, but

  1. it was so cute!
  2. Erin and Will love the popular cute owls that are out there now
  3. even though it is cute fabric, it’s not so ‘baby-like’ that Brooklyn won’t abandon it later in life (I hope!)

I pieced fat quarters together with some 1/2 yard pieces.  I also made the pocket out of two fat quarters and sewed it on the yellow-background owl fabric.  This all gets laid out on the living room floor to be pinned together, prior to sewing.

Getting the quilt sandwich ready to sew together.

The quilt sandwich for sewing is as follows: quilt top  onto quilt back with right sides together and with quilt bat (‘crib’ size) on top. Then sew around the edges, I use woven tape on the batting so the pressure foot doesn’t get snagged.

Leave an opening, turn so batting is inside and the front and back are on the outside, stitch up the turning hole.  Then I sew with either straight stitch or a fancy stitch up and down, all around ,to hold all the layers together (like free form machine quilting).  All in all, it takes just a few hours.  If you are interested in making one, use your Internet Search for “pillow quilt pattern” or I have seen them called a  “Quillow” (which is just Too Cutesy for me to use).

side without pocket

Above is the pieced side – I have heard (unofficially) that 9 out of 10 babies love bright colors.  The other baby likes bright colors too, but hasn’t expressed a definite opinion yet.

side with pocket (blue)

The little owls are bright blue AND bright green!  There are even squirrels on the fabric (they are red), but since squirrels chewed their way into our attic 20+ years ago, Squirrels Are Not Our Friends (but that’s a different story).

Brooklyn’s mommy and daddy like the quilt LOTS, here’s hoping Brooklyn does too!

— Bia


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