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May 6 – 13, In a Rainbow (mostly)

May 14, 2012

Last week you were graced with the sight of Spot everyday, this week we will make a rainbow of outfits! (also, this turned into a really long post because I didn’t have time to update it last weekend)

May 6: Turns out I love the color wine/maroon/dark red (whatever you want to call it) because I have several dresses in that color, but it’s not exactly red (which is where I like to start my rainbows, ending with purple/violet) and I only have two garment that I consider truly red. This is one of them, made from NL6808 and cotton bought on vacation in Hawaii around 5 years ago (actually leftovers from another project, I had to line the sleeves with a different fabric).

Oh look, Spot snuck in again!

May 7: In my head this dress is much more orange, but the purple stands out a lot too. I love these colors, I just wish the skirt was about an inch longer but it’s still a good dress.

S2497, Spot keeps jumping in to my pictures

May 8: Turns out I don’t have many yellow clothes (surprising since yellow is one of my favorite colors, I guess just not to wear), so I pulled out my one attempt at the pendrel blouse, did some quick surgery to take those weird sleeves off and was ready to go. Except the fit is still weird to me, maybe I should go down a size in that pattern. So I tried “accessorizing” and I think it worked pretty well!

While this is not the best picture of me, how could I not put up the picture where Spot had her head inside a bag?

May 9:  I need to work on expanding the colors I sew with cause this is the only green top I have (not even just me-made), I do also have a green skirt but I was doing some laboratory inventory today and couldn’t wear a skirt. I ended up taking the top off when I went home though cause it isn’t very breathable fabric and it’s not drapy enough for this pattern so I don’t like it much.

No Spot today, she’s actually sitting directly under the camera watching me. S2369

And Pedro wore a Kimono tshirt I made for her today! Just so you know, this is about as fancy as she ever gets (honors society induction or something).

May 10: The flickr challenge is for Friday, but I have the most awesomely ugly place on Thursday to take a picture at. This is Carhenge (like Stonehenge, but made with cars…) in Alliance, NE. On my way to Lincoln for my bridal shower. Wearing a blue kimono tshirt, great for long hours in the car.

May 11: I guess I dislike purple, because I don’t own anything violet or purple, so more maroon will have to do!

Pedro, Bia and I went to see The Avengers (very good, even though a little predictable). I am wearing S2758

May 12: Even though I got through the whole rainbow already, I am wearing the same color as yesterday (The Event Dress)

Saturday was my bridal shower, a “pampered chef” party at the tea house our neighbor runs in her first floor.

Pedro is wearing a mom-made shirt to the bridal shower. Not sure what kind of pose this is…

May 13: Traveling back to Rapid City wearing yet another kimono tshirt!

Driving back to Rapid City I stopped briefly at my grandpa’s farm to stretch.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 14, 2012 3:02 pm

    Busy week! Love carhenge. Your MMM is going well. Mine- not so much.

  2. May 20, 2012 10:33 am

    Your green top is lovely (and the cat is very cute too!).

  3. May 21, 2012 11:24 am

    Carhenge! How did the druids get those cars all the way to Alliance!

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