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What’s in a Name … Bia

May 3, 2012
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Grandson Abe at the Gem and Mineral Show

My “grandma” name is Bia.  Bia rhymes with Mia, as in Mia Farrow.  I was allowed to choose my own grandma name, in case I didn’t want use the “grandma” moniker.  After all, grandma sounds pretty old. Evidently, lots of young grandmas are doing it now.   We decided that I got to choose, so I looked at all the non-English/alternate names for Grandmother.

Hawaiian: Tutu

Yiddish: Bubbe

German: Oma

Spanish: Abuela

Goldie Hawn: GlamMa

I chose Abuela, never thinking about how a little kid could possibly get his tongue around that wiggledy word.  As our grandson started talking, Abuela somehow turned into Bia.

I make Abe shirts.  Abe is shown here at the Gem and Mineral Show wearing his cherry fabric shirt.  While it is red, it is not an official Nebraska  Husker shirt.  I usually make him a new Husker shirt each year.  Just got the next one cut out the other day.

Shhh! Don’t tell him, it can befor his 5th birthday (if I can get it done…) , which is just around the corner!

Go Big Red!

Special rocks, won at the Rock Race.

–ttfn     Bia


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