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Purses and Bags!

April 9, 2012

A small bag I sewed in just a couple hours.

I never seem to find a purse, bag, or tote that has exactly the right number of inner zipper pockets, pockets for sunglasses, snap hooks for keys, etc. etc.  Long, long ago, I never understood why my mom had so many purses.  You can only use one-at-a-time, right?

How WRONG could I have been?

OF COURSE you need more than one purse!

And, as mentioned above, I can never find ones to … match a particular fancy outfit (like I wear alot of those!), will hold one or two phones (my phone and my work phone … don’t you all carry two?), or have any kind of key snap/swivel hook.  AND, they are expensive.  Huh, who would have thought that?

So I make some purses and bags, usually with purchased or free patterns. This one shown above I made without a pattern, but I watched guest Linda Ghee on Quilting Arts TV with Pokey Bolton this weekend, and she went through the EASY steps to make it.  I went on line to see if the instructions were anywhere (for free), and found Linda Ghee was selling the pattern on-line.  Long-story short (or at least a little shorter), I called three stores in town to see if they carried the pattern; they did not.  So I figured it out on my own.

Dimensions:  ~8 1/2 inches wide, ~8 3/4 inches tall. No thickness, flat. (Note:  nearly any dimension can be made, but the overall size is somewhat limited by the thinness)     Features:  Two zipper pockets, one Velcro pocket (in the middle), one key snap hook, with a long enough leader to fit inside the top/longest zipper pocket (the one with the Hawaii post card in it).  Bead trim, below lower zipper pocket.  Braid trim, below top zipper pocket opening.  Purpose (my purpose anyway) for it:  Travel; shopping or resturant trip without the need for all purse contents.

I showed it to my niece and sister at lunch;  guess what they want!  One will be green fabrics, one will be purple fabrics (see photo below).  So much fun!

TTFN – Bia

purple purse, in progress


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