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Sunday Doll Post: Old Things!

March 25, 2012

My spring break from school was a week ago (or a couple weeks ago? I can’t keep track of time very well lately) and I went home to Lincoln for the weekend. I wanted to go through our old Barbie stuff and divide out the “good” (in fair/decent condition or has sentimental value) from the “bad” (you know, Barbies with their hair chopped off and hands chewed on by cats). I, of course, took the “good” stuff back to Rapid City with me, and gave the rest to my youngest cousin that is still into Barbies (she’s 4, so quantity is way more impressive than quality). Technically I already owned all this, so I refuse to count it against myself in Creepy Points. I have had no resistance from Pedro or other family members (Mr. Fiance raised his eyebrow), in fact many family members have been trying to make me take MORE of our old childhood toys but I have no space for them.

The Box.

I took a ton of pictures, so I made a slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I brought home more than just Barbies though (the Barbies were just taking up precious basement space and were a little bit controversial in their removal, all three of us sisters had to write and sign in our own hand that we did not want the Barbies given to our cousin), some aren’t incredibly special so you can just read the caption in the slide show, but a couple were very special.

These three dolls were made by my grandma, I can’t remember if any of them were specifically made for my sisters or I but I do remember how I got the Rapunzel doll. Grandma knew how much I loved all of her cloth dolls (there are a ton more still at Grandpa’s farm decorating the bedrooms, next time I’m there I’ll take pictures. I’ve laid claim to them if/when Grandpa moves), I used to take them down and play with them all the time. So one weekend that I visited, she told me I could pick out one doll to take home, any doll I wanted. She had two Rapunzel dolls, one dressed in pink and one in blue, and I picked the blue one. These three that we played with are a little worse for wear, but nothing I don’t think I could fix. The pink Rapunzel is still at Grandpa’s house in perfect condition.

Of course, being cloth dolls, they're pretty floppy and don't stand up (and barely sit) on their own.

Grandma always used patterns for her crafts (she made much more than just dolls), the brown haired doll and the Rapunzels are definitely patterns by Julie McCullough, a cloth doll artist based in Lincoln, NE. I can’t confirm who designed the red haired doll’s pattern, I know she used patterns designed by many other people too.

Grandma also made a ton of doll blankets/bedding and clothing. I actually didn’t realize most of our Barbie clothes were homemade until I started looking at them closer once back in Rapid City. She made the coolest stuff! Again there are some more pictures in the slide show.

But one really cool things I found was that my Little MissMatched doll Leone fits into some of the looser fitting Barbie clothes! The proportions are a little off, like dresses become more tunic length, but I can use the original clothes to make patterns for new ones. A pair of ugly baggy acid wash jeans even fits her… mostly.

The pants are super high waisted and just barely close in the back, but she looks so cute and perfect for her sporty personality! And of course, Spot wanted to be in the picture - though she's not very amused by Leone.

And an "old" bodied Barbie wearing the same pants, they don't fit her very well, maybe they were for Ken?

The dresses are scandalously short, maybe if I made her some tights they'd work as is tunics.

Barbie wearing the dress as intended looking super cute in all it's mod-ness.

I’ll be back soon with some clothes I’ve made for Leone and a pattern! (Yes, I’m procrastinating a little on the wedding dress. I’m in the process of inserting the zipper)


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  1. Marty permalink
    March 25, 2012 7:24 am

    to Blond Barbie: Put a shirt on! Your blog will get an “R” rating!

  2. Deborah Gunter permalink
    March 25, 2012 7:29 am

    Selective saving of childhood objects is a very nice thing.

  3. March 25, 2012 9:24 am

    Those cloth dolls are wonderful. I think they’re in brilliant condition. I also like the dress in the last picture and I laughed at the cat making an appearance in the slide show!

  4. RagDollsRising permalink
    April 11, 2012 8:41 am

    Those are what I really call treasures, forget the jewelry, these dolls have no doubt enhanced a childhood or two-


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