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My 5 Favorite Items

November 22, 2011

When the Colette Pattern’s Handbook stopped at the Sewaholic for it’s blog tour, the book excerpt that Sarai shared was about finding your personal style to incorporate into your sewing. Then Tasia used the advise to find her 5 favorite itemsfrom her closet, with those 5 she came up with a general sense of her style. I wasn’t planning on buying the book anytime soon because I don’t really like the patterns much, but I might reconsider just for the project planning advise! I’ve been sewing nearly my whole life, unlike a lot of people that seem to have sewing blogs. But it also took me a really really long time to start consistently making things I would wear on a regular basis. Really, when your 10 or 15 years old, your “style” is a constantly moving target! I actually still have a couple things that I made probably 6-7 years ago (I haven’t grown much since my freshmen year of high school) and still wear, but most of that stuff has been passed on to others.

So I started thinking about what I liked. I like tons of stuff, but I don’t wear tons of stuff. I’m not super girly and I find prints hard to match with other things in my closet. I often wish I worked in an office because a lot of the dresses I like are much more suited to professional wear instead of a student going to class (it doesn’t help that there are so few girls on my campus so most girls end up dressing like dudes a bit – tshirts and jeans).

I have a really dry sense of humor (which usually seems just mean if you don’t know I’m actually joking, so happy I have friends that love that about me!) and come off as pretty quiet and stand-offish when I first meet people (for instance, I’m one of two teaching assistants for an undergrad class and it only took about two weeks for all the students to decide I was the “bad cop” and my partner TA was the “good cop”).

So here are my picks:

  • My favorite skirt is this straight one with curved front pockets from Burda WOF 104 3/2009. It’s a little too high waisted for me (everything is with my short waist) but I love the pockets and that it goes with just about everything.   I thought that was really cool and wanted to try it too

The fabric has some stretch in it, though it doesn't seem to iron well.

  • My favorite dress is a toss up between my Blue Dutch dress (My Image 1113 from S/S 2011) and my striped wrap dress (V8379), both are really easy to wear and comfortable.

My Image 1113, interestingly it has the same style pockets as the BWOF skirt above


  • I wear jeans constantly so I have to put them in here. I had to buy a new pair recently because my current jeans were all wearing out and I wasn’t successful enough making pants yet. This is my favorite pair, I want to try to copy them some day… whenever I finally find the time.

You can't see them very well here, but they fit fairly well. When I copy them, I'll need to take in the back seam.

  • Because I like jeans so much, I tend to focus on sewing tops to wear with them. I have two favorites right now, a grey long sleeve t-shirt (that used to be the Incredibly Comfortable dress, but it was too short for public comfort (so, not comfortable at all in the end?) so I chopped 4 inches off the bottom and now it is the Incredibly Comfortable Shirt! except I’m going to redraft the neckline for next time) and my recently made Old School Remix blouse.

BurdaStyle 123 1/2011, actually there is another t-shirt pattern from February that I want to compare to this one to maybe trace off a different armcycle (if different) and neckline. Because I am the epitome of lazy when it comes to drafting.

Vintage Simplicity 5451, much more of a summer blouse but I already love it all the same.

  • And finally, my all time favorite jacket. It’s Issac Mizrahi for Target and I’ve had it for a really long time, the cuffs and collar are starting to get permanently dingy. Tan is my favorite neutral (if you hadn’t noticed) and this jacket goes with everything. But it’s kind of boxy so I tend to just wear it as outerwear in the spring and fall.

Ok, so that was more than 5 but I was more going for finding something in every garment category that I have and wear. I didn’t include any accessories because I tend to gravitate towards very minimal and understated shoes/jewelry so it doesn’t usually add much to my outfits, in my opinion.

So what does all this say about me?

I think the same things I said above – I’m not girly, but I will indulge in a little cutesy now and then. I like straight lines, meaning I am much more likely to wear a skirt or dress with a straight or a-line skirt. Solids are much easier for me, and lets face it, the easier it is to pick an outfit in the morning the better! I will always wear jeans, there is no skirt in existence that will change that fact.

Words that combine all those thoughts could possibly be: practical, classic, natural because my neutrals of choice are colors that are in nature (grey, tan), graphic because when I do wear a print it is usually graphic (like my Hitting the Pavement dress, another one I love). Ya, I like those.


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  1. November 22, 2011 1:15 pm

    Lovely outfits – especially the first three. It’s great that you’re building a wardrobe that you can wear in real life!

  2. November 22, 2011 6:01 pm

    that tshirt dress looks gorgeous on you, pity ’bout the unworkable length.
    i work in an office and i know what you mean about professional wear. when i’m day-dreaming up things to make i like to make “outfits” for work, cos i dress up a bit for work compared to the weekends and sometimes i like clipping round in shoes with heels thinking i look smart 🙂

    i got the book, partly cos it comes with 5 patterns as well as the various techniquey bits (and my technique could use some brushing up!) because the whole thing was same price as would pay for one pattern and shipping. been thinking about giving one of the dresses a go with a bit less ease than as shown on the model. might give this 5 items thing a shot, see what it throws up!

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