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October 24, 2011

The internet is awash with interesting articles and posts, and I can’t keep them to myself when I have this little blog…

  • My mom sent me this link about a pristine button stash from 1865 preserved in a cargo hold of a sunken steam boat. What’s really cool is the location is really close to my hometown!
  • You know all those protestors on Wall St. (there are tons of copycat groups all across the country now, even here in Rapid City. The local group has a facebook page and mentions that they have the support of the police department to camp out in the middle of downtown… cops aren’t rich, but they are part of “The Man” so isn’t that just a little backwards?)? Well, some people don’t think they’ll be taken seriously in their protest t-shirts and decided to give them all suits and ties to wear instead!
  • Some over protective moms freak out about a new Barbie with some pretty sweet tattoos.
  • I’ve mentioned once before how awesome the TV show How It’s Made is and they post nearly all their video content on the web (except the one about making wool yarn and fabric I recently saw, bummer). Here is how they make dress forms and sewing needles  though (the needles video I’ve linked to previously).
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  1. October 26, 2011 2:42 am

    That’s one cute Barbie. Love her funky pink hair…

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