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SSS Week 3

September 20, 2011

This was supposed to go up on Saturday, but I was out of town (see Friday and Saturday pictures below) and when I got back I was sucked into a vortex of school work.

9/11/11 –

Another one piece kimono tshirt

9/12/11 – Man was my monday boring, hectic and misplaced all at once! And this was not the best clothing choice for it either. I’ve never been totally happy with this top because the fabric was such a pain to work with and now it falling apart, so I think it’ll be headed to a bin soon, really it’s not even worth donating.

Lugging around my heavy backpack full of the wrong binders all day. S4177

9/13/11 – It must be fall because it’s only supposed to get up to 75 today, fall never lasts long around here though. But cooler weather means tights!

Picture caught mid hair flip 🙂 Another version of S2758

9/14/11 – Honestly I didn’t have much idea of what I’d end up doing for my picture with water, maybe the water used to make my tea, or go down to the pool house at my apartment complex, the little lake in one of the parks in town? But then I woke up this morning and it had rained last night! There you go, water from the sky. Though you can’t see it much in my picture other than it’s very overcast still, so trust me, everything is very wet right now.

Of course with the ever present and curious Spot. S4079 my very favorite vest pattern (I have 3 more!)

9/15/11 – I feel like a country western singer in this outfit, all I need it a guitar! Don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t like country western music, I like this outfit. I’m not sure of any other ways to wear this dress yet and I still don’t think I’ll wear it all that often, but I need to force myself out of the apartment at least once in it and today is as good as any because a) my lab students are going on a field trip so I don’t have to wear pants and b) the high temp today is only supposed to be 47 so boots and tights are totally appropriate!


9/16/11 – Travel day. We went to Denver for the weekend to see a Rockies baseball game! It’s about a 7 hour drive but we got there in good time.

I love this pullover, it's amazing even though the sleeves are half an inch too short. I can do anything in it, even hike up a mountain! Vintage S7314

9/17/11 – It was pouring rain half an hour before the game was supposed to start, hense why I’ve got my jacket zipped all the way up hiding my me-made t-shirt. Thankfully the sky cleared up right in time, I’d have been so sad if my game had been canceled (the Rockies lost 5-6 against the Giants, but it was still an exciting game to the last inning!)

Trust me, there is a One Piece Kimono T under there


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