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SSS Week 2

September 10, 2011

9/4/11 – Another lazy day of doing nothing very productive, a little sewing and a little studying is all.

Trying to mix it up in the posing department. M2222

9/5/11 – I did about the same things as the day before since it was a holiday in the US. This is the best picture I got, for some reason me and my self timer were off on Monday and I couldn’t get a picture of my face!

One Piece Kimono Tee from Burdastyle

9/6/11 – Back to school. Spot was being very helpful with my studying! And look, a slightly different view of my room, 3 feet to the right! It’s getting crazy in here!


9/7/11 – For my fun weekly picture, as suggested on the flickr page, here I am at “work.” I don’t really have a job but I go to school and work as teaching assistant there so that counts. This is our concrete lab, picturesque and beautiful I know!

B4198 from an old men's polo

9/8/11 – Another day in lab means another day of jeans. I really should wear this shirt more often, I forget how good it looks and I have like 4 of them! I love the print the most on this one though 😉


9/9/11 – Spot was staring at the wall this morning when I was getting ready to take my picture for the day so I decided “Hey, why not stare at the wall too and have a from behind shot. My outfit looks pretty similar from the back as the front anyways!” And that is a glimpse of how my daily photo “concepts” are born, pretty exciting huh.

An almost entirely me-made outfit! Skirt - M5811, T-shirt - Burda WOF 125 11/2008

9/10/11 – I think Spot is my best photo prop every, if you look closely you’ll see a black tail sticking out of the package I’m sending to my sister. So helpful.

I really should make more denim skirts, they're the best. S2758


P.S – Here’s a sneak peak at my wedding dress muslin, which Spot loves to chase and bite as I walk….

It needs a little tweaking, but over all it fits really well.

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  1. September 11, 2011 12:34 am

    Your wedding dress muslin is looking good, such a lovely svelte silhouette! You have a really lovely figure and should show it off more (ie not in those jeans… 🙂 )
    And I hope you do get around to making some flares, would love to see that look on you too!

  2. September 11, 2011 9:56 am

    I love the photo of you two staring at the wall! Your wedding dress muslin looks great. I’m excited to see the real thing.

  3. September 13, 2011 8:29 am

    Just discovered your blog. I have to tell you, one of things I love about sewing blogs is watching the ongoing story of a handmade wedding dress, so I will definitely be back.

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