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SSS Week 1

September 4, 2011

And here is my week in outfits, if you follow the flickr group you might have seen these already:

9/1/11 – The high temp on Thursday was 77 degrees (the day before had been 98) so I’m glad I wore pants even if the outfit itself wasn’t very exciting. New shoes though!

Wearing B5495

9/2/11 – Another cool day (the whole holiday weekend was) so I opted for pants again for maximum comfort. The most exciting thing that happened on Friday was that I got the key to my “office” at school, it’s really just a windowless, cinder block room off the main concrete lab with 4 desks crammed in but it’s mine all the same!

Wearing Burda 102 4/2010

9/3/11 – Farmers market day! Well, Tuesday and Thursday both have farmers markets too, but Saturday is the “big” one. My in-laws-to-be were in town for the Labor Day holiday weekend so we went out to supper too.


All in all, a successful week one


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