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Whats Going On…

August 12, 2011

In my world right now…

Around my area:

  • Sturgis bike rally is this week, which means too many people without helmets on motorcycles who don’t know how do ride them well enough.
  • Last week two police officers were shot and killed, a third was injured and is now fine. Another reason no one should own guns for no reason… at least they caught the guy who did it.

On my sewing table:

  • The Coat… it’s making progress, I need to change needles though cause I’m skipping stitches. I feel like I’m upholstering a couch :S

  • Just watched The Edge Of Love while sewing, great story that made me tear up a couple times and the make up and costumes are to die for (a love story set in WWII Britain).

On the internet, things I think are cool:

  • World’s largest stop-motion animation
  • The Selfish Seamstress appears to be back, we’ll see for how long this time.
  • An astounding Room In A Box, seriously it’s crazy
  • Colette Patterns has a book coming out with 5 patterns in it, I think I know what I’ll be asking for for christmas along with a few other pattern books. Though the wordy part of it is totally geared towards beginners, oh well. I actually knew about this weeks ago because it’s been on Amazon for pre-order for a while… yes I like to troll Amazon quite a bit.
I’m going on vacation with my family to Glacier National Park next week so I’ll see you later!
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  1. August 14, 2011 7:51 am

    Those costumes in the edge of love are indeed frumpily delicious 🙂

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