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New Patterns: June Burda and StyleARC!

May 23, 2011


I posted before about some wedding dress inspirations and patterns and thought I had pretty much made up my mind, mostly because there really aren’t that many patterns for wedding dresses or even dress patterns that I was all that excited about. The Royal Wedding came along and I really loved both Kate and Pippa’s dress, and then Cidell posted about a company called StyleArc in Australia that had whipped up a pattern for Pippa’s dress in no time. I loved the style, it would work perfectly with the feeling of my casual outdoor wedding, but I was warry because a) I had never heard of this pattern company before and couldn’t find anything about them on Pattern Review and b) the pattern had come out so quickly after the royal wedding that I was worried it wouldn’t be drafted very well (and you can only buy one size at a time). But it seems like a few other bloggers out there are also buying patterns from StyleArc and where else am I going to find such a beautiful dress pattern. Because of the cowl neck alot of people have said you can use any old gown pattern with a cowl next but not if you want the same seaming on the bodice.

So long story short I ordered it, I’m willing to pay $30+ for my wedding dress pattern.

That was about a week ago and I can’t believe it’s already here! I paid the minimum amount for shipping all the way from Australia so it should have taken for ever I feel, but I’m happy. First impressions of the pattern are good. There are detailed technical drawings and pattern layouts, a sample fabric swatch which I thought was really cool, only one page of simple instructions but I’m a capable sewer so that doesn’t worry me. The pattern is on nice paper, not super thin tissue like typical envelope patterns, I got a free t-shirt pattern that I didn’t know about called the Creative Cate Top, and there was even a nice little letter from the designer (that I’m sure is not written individually, but it is customized enough to tell me more specifically about the Pippa pattern). Now I’m all set to go fabric shopping with my mom in Denver in June!

June BurdaStyle

The June issue of BurdaStyle came in the mail today also, not quite as exciting as last month but there are a couple designs I like. Nothing that needs to be traced off and added to my queue immediately. I like that they’ve been picking fashion icons and eras to be inspire by the last couple issues it seems, this month is Bridgett Bardot. They also have another designer pattern from Blumarine, but they don’t make nearly as big of a deal about it as the last designer pattern by Karl Lagerfeld, I like the designer patterns though and happy to see there’s another one coming next month even though I’ve never heard of the designer (Dice Kayek). Here are my picks for the month’s good and bad patterns, there aren’t any really offensive patterns this month, mostly just meh.

The Good:

This is the most interesting design to me, it's cute and flattering with a sort of 50s playsuit feel to it. Not that I really need anymore dresses, but I might make this someday.

I could definitely see myself making this, a useful t-shirt with just a little bit of interest.

This doesn't look like much here, but in the magazine they style it as a cardigan and I thought it looked really nice. I love to layer in the fall and winter so I might make this later this year.

This is supposed to be a swimsuit, but it looks more like underwear to me. I actually like it, and might make it into some cutesy lingerie and if the fit is good enough I could see it as a swimsuit too.

The Meh:

Shape less sack

More ugly bat wing dresses?

Unflattering pants

I actually like this skirt, the strike against it is I'm pretty sure it's a recycled pattern from a few years ago.


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  1. May 25, 2011 7:03 am

    Oooh, so exciting you got that pattern! I’m really looking forward to seeing how it pans out for you!

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