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Wedding Dress Sketches

April 14, 2011

After I had enough inspiration photos I started to sketch my favorite details into different variations on the two dress categories I presented in the last post. I’ve narrowed it down a little, but I still need input from my mom. See, in my family it is tradition to wear a handmade dress for your wedding, in fact it’s kind of frowned upon to buy a wedding dress. Even the women in my family who don’t sew (which is most, because it’s just me and my mom that do sew since my grandma passed) still had homemade dresses from my grandma. My mom made her dress, she made my older sister’s dress, now I’m making my own with help from my mom. So, on to the sketches:

The Macaron variation

The Vogue variation

I love that my laptop is a tablet so I can free hand draw in it with a special stylus pen, I drew these first with pencil and paper but then realized my scanner doesn’t work properly. These look nicer than a scan would have anyways.


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  1. April 15, 2011 12:18 am

    Oh my gosh, that Vogue dress is completely stunning!
    We’ve always had handmade wedding dresses in my family too. The womenfolk in my family were just mildly shocked (not seriously, but in a frugally inspired way) when my two sisters-in-law bought their wedding dresses!

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