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I Read Sewing Magainzes

January 10, 2011

My boyfriend says that makes me a sewing nerd, but I love it. I like reading blogs but sometimes I just love the feeling of holding the physical magazine in my hand as I read. Here are the sewing periodicals that I read in no particular order:


Definitely my favorite sewing magazine because they really make a effort to have something for everyone in every issue. Interviews with designers, easy and couture techniques, pattern reviews, fitting issues, information about types of fabric, notions and tools, book reviews, even funny stories written by readers. On top of that the photos are always high quality and inspiring.

Issues are published every two to three months.


This is a fairly new magazine as far as I know, they just recently started a subscription service (had to go to the store and buy it every time before). The projects they feature are usually a little simple and “crafty” for me, but there are some cute ideas sometimes and they include full size patterns and instructions for all the projects. What I really like about Stitch is the articles. They regularly have interviews with fashion designers and pattern designers, history about famous brands such as Marimekko, and current trends like vintage style and refashioning among others.

Issues are published twice per year.

Vogue Pattern Magazine

I’ve just started subscribing to VPM after good reviews from Elaine and Carolyn, but I’m already addicted. Not only does the afore mentioned Elaine have a Selfish Seamstress column in the magazine, but there are other really great articles on new pattern designers, new Vogue patterns, fitting and pattern alteration methods, and techniques. Come to think of it, VPM is very similar in format to Threads but they publish different topics so I love them both.

Issues are published every two months.

Sew News

Sew News is not my favorite, and if my mom didn’t subscribe to it I probably wouldn’t read it at all. It might just be because I’m not in their target demographic, but I just don’t see Sew News as being very current or on top of trends like the other magazines are. Occasionally there are interesting articles about adding design details to patterns or simple summer clothes, but mostly it’s things that don’t interest me as much like home decor, sewing for children, or machine embroidery.

Issues are published every two months.

My mom and I each subscribe to a couple magazines and share them. She also reads several artsy quilting magazines such as Quilting Arts and Art Quilts (original names aren’t they?), but I’m not really into quilting at all. Do you subscribe to any of these or other sewing magazines?


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