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My name is Molly, I’m a graduate engineering student currently living in Rapid City, SD, USA. I often sew a lot. And “Pedro”, my younger sister is studying anthropology(+ int’l relations + russian + spanish…) in Denver, Colorado and likes to contribute her nonsense sometimes. We also have an Older Sister, but she hasn’t contributed.

This is just a place for me to share and document my creative projects; most of the time I sew clothing for myself, but I also sew for dolls (and have a minor obsession with them too) and embroider occasionally. And Pedro likes to… actually, Pedro doesn’t really have obsessive hobbies like I do. I’m not really sure what Pedro’s motives are. I suppose after the apocalypse* it will help her to gain a following of brainwashed minions so that she can seize control of the world. But that’s at least several years out. For now we will just entertain ourselves here, and it’s your problem if it entertains you as well or not.*

Feel free to contact us at!… you know, if you want to…


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